About Sew Fetch

In the 2004 epic film Mean Girls, starring my style icon, Lindsay-Lohan-pre-poor-dye-job-and-drug-problem, the very wise Gretchen Weiners once said:

That is so fetch.

What is “fetch,” you may ask?

Fetch [feh-ch](adjective): Hip. Rad. Sweet. Wonderful. Delightful. Magnificent. Cool. Wonderful. Outstanding. Downright Peachy Keen. Fetch is a synonym for all things great.

Here at Sew Fetch, I, like Gretchen, am trying to make “fetch” happen. This site is a place to chronicle the many things I find to be fetch–from the the pursuit of the perfect bloody Mary in Lower Manhattan, to the analysis of the most aesthetically pleasing pattern in Equipment’s latest collection of identical button-down shirts, to pictures of charcuterie in varying degrees of consumption, and Venn diagrams detailing the differences between trendy and ugly, Sew Fetch brings together my love for fashion, food, fitness & pop culture.

-My camera is a Canon G16, and I highly recommend it for beginners and professionals alike. It’s extremely lightweight and simple to use, and takes incredible pictures even on Manual.
-Absolutely feel free to use my photos for your blog or social media accounts, but please link back to my page when doing so.
-To edit my photos, I use Fotor. It’s a free Mac plugin and lets me play with color, exposure, and filters, and also has a neat collage feature.
-I host my blog with WordPress, which also runs my advertising program. Please be nice about the banner ads you see on this site. They help keep Sew Fetch alive.

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