About Me

I’m Nikki, owner, editor, and blogess-in-chief behind Sew Fetch. By day, I work for the digital technology start-up 33 Across. By night, I wear many (really cute) hats: from freelance social media advisor, to aspiring fiction writer, to hot yogi and boot camp enthusiast, to avid live music watcher, to the girl at the bar wearing one too many bangles and being sure to order the second-cheapest glass of red wine.

I’ve lived in some of the most wonderful cities  in the world, including Moscow, Nashville, Copenhagen, and Washington D.C. In September 2011, I moved back to my home base, New York City, and started this site. Through my somewhat nomadic lifestyle, I’ve had the chance to meet people of varying cultures and interests, and furthermore, to take in sights, meals, traditions, clothing, art, music and style choices around the planet. I created Sew Fetch as an outlet to share the beautiful, delicious, and thought-provoking things I encounter.

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