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That Is Sew Fetch: Welcome

Readers, fans, mom, people who stumbled upon this site by Googling “Lindsay Lohan pre-poor-dye-job-and-serious-drug-problem”–welcome to my newest project.

For those of you who have followed me on the internets thus far, hi! I’ve missed you! For those of you who are wondering why you landed on this page instead of one with images of La Lohan in all her ginger glory, a brief background. I’m Nikki, and you have come upon my latest experiment. For as long as people have written things on the internet, I have had a blog of sorts. From my pre-teen Xangas (go on–all the Googling in  the world won’t help you find those hot pink and black PaGeSs*), to the blog I kept in college, to City Girl in the District, a site chronicling my past year in Washington, D.C–I’ve been sharing close analyses of reality television, my latest meal, and things I think are super sweet/downright awful online. In September, I accepted a new job and moved from D.C. back to New York, where I was raised, and upon realizing that City Girl in the District Back in the City would be a less than successful forum for self-expression, I launched the idea for Sew Fetch.

What is, you may ask, fetch? A phrase? A motto? A command you give a puppy?

All of those things, yes–but for the sake of this site, I would like to present fetch as a way of life. Fetch was born of one of the greatest works of art of our generation. I am speaking, of course, of the classic 2004 (shit, I’m old) film Mean Girls. The epic saga is quotable in its entirety, however, several tidbits stand out as true words of wisdom. While I strongly considered “Get in loser, we’re going shopping” (As Queen Bee Regina George knows, most pressing concerns and issues can be solved with a little Pinot Grigio and a lotta Shopbop) as a life motto, upon a 78th re-watching of the movie, I found stronger words to live by within Tina Fey’s 97 minute masterpiece.

To me (and Gretchen Weiners), fetch embodies everything that is just plain…awesome. Hip. Rad. Sweet. Wonderful. Delightful. Magnificent. Cool. Peachy keen (see how good I am at using I could go on). The goal of this site is to be a place to chronicle the many things I find to be fetch, from the silly (memes, misadventures, and celebrity mishaps) to serious (incredible companies, individuals, and stories) to everything in between (purses, pumps, pizzas, charcuteries and cocktails).In true Mean Girls spirit, this little blog will focus on style. What it will not be, however, is a fashion blog. To me, style is much more than shoes, belts, and dresses. Style is personality, encompassing everything from decor choices to cuisine preferences to selection of hobbies, surroundings, and even friends and career paths.  The best of my style decisions will be chronicled here, as will the worst of others. (Cmon. Give a girl a little schadenfreude).Happy reading!
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