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Fetch Friday: October 7, 2011

Fetch Fridays will be a weekly feature on this site. I stole this idea from my favorite fashion blogger, Emily Schuman, who posts a “Five Things” list every Friday that consists of items, people, and $700 shoes that made her smile that week. Since I fervently stalk photos of and aspire to be admire Emily, I decided to mimic this idea here. It’s a nice way of ending every week on a high note and will be a great reference if any of my friends ever need to buy me gifts.

This Friday, a compilation of the fetchest things on the interwebs, adorning my feet, and in my belly.

I. DanniJo iPad Case

[iPad Case, DanniJo]

In honor of Steve Jobs (RIP the man, the legend, the dude who epitomized crisp), the #1 thing on my list (it’s actually a Google Doc. #whitegirlsolutions) of things to purchase–this iPad case. Danielle of DanniJo is a fellow Vanderbilt grad, and I’d been a fan of the sisters’ designs years  before Rachel Bilson and Kim Kardashian started rocking them regularly. This case is ridiculously cute while remaining functional–just the outerwear my iBaby needs in  the cold winter months. The ladies also sell matching iPhone cases and other iCute accessories. iStop now.

II. Co Charcuterie

[A perfect platter]

This week, several girlfriends and I had the pleasure of trying Co, in Chelsea, for dinner. The small restaurant is famous for their pizza, which was delicious, but our favorite part of the meal was this charcuterie. I would like to posit that there is nothing better than a good meat and cheese plate–I dare you to disagree.

III. Alexander Wang Dakota Boots

[Boots, Alex Wang]

I have been wearily searching for a perfect heeled boot for the miserable New York winter when I stumbled upon these on The Outnet. Having previously written these boots off as things-I-desire-but-can’t-afford-unless-I-sell-my-body (another Google Doc), I was thrilled to find these babies, in my size, at SIXTY percent off. This is the quintessential boot-of-all-seasons. The thick leather makes them perfect to rock when it’s cold, but the cutout allows for almost year-round wear. See ya in 2 business days, suckers.

IV. The Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

[Hell’s Kitchen Flea, Image c/o Cheetah Is The New Black]

When it comes to vintage, I normally head to Brooklyn because…well, it’s Brooklyn.It practically screams “One man’s trash is another hipster’s man’s treasure.” However, after reading this post on Cheetah Is The New Black (another fashion blog fave), I am super excited to explore the Hell’s Kitchen Flea this Saturday. We’ll see how it stacks up to Smorgasborg , Beacon’s Closet, and Housing Works, but if worst comes to worst, this little market is literally right outside my window.

V. A forecast of high seventies and sunny this weekend

[Challenge: who owns more rompers, me or this toddler? I vote me]

…giving me an excuse to wear my rompers one last time before I put them away in storage. For my children. Who are the only people who should we wearing rompers. Juuuuuust kidding, for next summer, when I will frolic in garb intended for babies yet again.

Happy weekend!

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