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Sew Fetch: Little Boy-Inspired Fashion

Happy Monday, friendsters. I would like to share with you my outfit today:

[Top: Forever21, Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: House of Harlow 1960, Jeans: J.Brand]

Upon careful observation, one might conclude that I resemble a little boy.

Hey, one– I agree.

So does The Children’s Place, which put together this look for males ages 8+:

[Top, Sweater, Jeans, Seriously Cute Loafers: The Children’s Place]

Maybe this is one of those weird fashion things that has a brief moment in the spotlight before disappearing from the public eye and returning to wherever weird fashion things belong/originate (tumblr, Shanghai, middle schools), but I would like to posit a theory: little-boy inspired apparel is really fetch right now.

It all began, I believe, with the re-emergence of Equipment button-downs. In spring 2010, French label Equipment re-released their iconic women’s button downs, breathing life into a brand that had been hibernating since 1995 (allowing belly shirts, spaghetti straps, and tube tops to have their own moment. Yuck). Over the past year or so, since the brand launched again, it seems that every fashionable woman I see/stalk on the internet has aquired a closet full of these:

[Left to Right: Equipment, 1, 2,3]

(Don’t believe me? Ask them: Brooklyn Blonde, This Time Tomorrow, The Glamourai)

I wear my growing collection of long-sleeved silk button downs in many ways– (for those uninterested in spending $200 on these staples, I have several similar ones from J.Crew and even Forever21 that cost me $98 and $13.freaking50–don’t get me started on the $13.50. I can talk about it for days. It is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Though I will say the Equipment ones are considerably softer and probably less likely to tear at the seam after a season of wear, I have found virtually no other difference between the two) –out with shorts or a body-con skirt, over and under dresses, and peeking out from under a blazer with skinny jeans, but my favorite way to wear them is little-boy style–under a loose fitting sweater or vest, complete with boyfriend jeans, and perhaps a rad pair of loafers.

[Loafers, J.Crew. Menswear-inspired but not fit for little boys. If you have/know a little boy who is wearing loafers like these, methinks you should prepare for an interesting conversation regarding Barbie loving Ken, but sometimes Barbie loving Barbie too]

Today, I am not rocking rad loafers, but instead opting for a more gender-appropriate footwear. But only because it is my first month at a new job and I am still trying to impress my coworkers with my sense of “style”.

[Boots: Bottega Veneta]

P.S. One of my favorite fashion bloggers agrees with my recent style choices:

[Taylor of Sterling Style]

P.P.S: So does the Saks Fifth Avenue Childrens’ Section:

[Vineyard Vines’ Toddlers Line]

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