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Fetch Friday: Oh-Crap-I’m-Leaving-The-Country-Tomorrow-Edition

Happy Fetch Friday! I am leaving for Madrid in T-28 hours and and obviously have  yet to pack or wrap up some serious-pre-leave-the-country-deadline projects, but being that I will be stuffing my face with tapas and shopping on the Euro while you all are at work next week (mwahaha), I couldn’t leave without a quick Fetch Friday roundup. For those of you wondering, That Is Sew Fetch is “Eso Es Tan Trae” in Spain, and “Das Ist So Holt” in Germany. I plan to make friends with extremely fashionable European strangers by stopping them in streets/bars and informing them that they are Trae/Holt. We’ll see how it goes.

I. Holiday Cheer

[NYC Sign at Bryant Park Holiday Market]

I love New York this time of year. Bryant Park is located several blocks from my office, and in addition on planning on tricking/bribing all my coworkers in an ice-skating/drinking-spiked-cider happy hour there, I’ve spent my last few lunch breaks wandering through the park’s holiday market. How many scented soaps, “vintage” maps of New York, and candles resembling various New York landmarks does a girl need, you may ask? A WHOLE FREAKING LOT. I’m a sucker for things that are sold on the street, and would like the N (for Nikki) of the above sign to hang in my apartment.

II. Biergartens

[Sunday Funday photobooth shot at The Standard]

In addition to shopping on the street, I love drinking on the street. Where better to partake than a good biergarten? I am so excited to be venturing to land of the original biergarten, Berlin. I hope they have a Standard-esque photobooth. And the cheddar-filled pork sausage. And the really cute hipster chick bartenders in oversized glasses and Eastern-European-esque sweaters from Urban Outfitters. Or, you know, something a bit more authentic.

III. Auctions

[Shoes, Marc Jacobs via Housing Works]

In high school, I won a sparkly Coach purse on Ebay for something like $80. You know the purse I’m talking about. It was one of the more heinous things I’ve ever owned. Not only did it resemble a patchwork quilt made up of dismembered     Barbie clothing and Lilly Pulitzer samples,  but after wearing it for about three months, it fell apart at the seams, leading me to a terrible conclusion–I had been cuckolded. Wary of faux designer goods, I stayed away from online auctions for several years, until, upon moving, I discovered the Housing Works several blocks from my apartment. Housing Works is the shit. While their clothes tend to be mediocre, they have sweet decor at Salvation Army prices. Also, all of the New York Housing Works display windows, where the good shiz is kept, are auctioned off on a weekly basis online. I spotted these zebra-print Marc Jacobs flats in the window of the Chelsea store a week ago, and promptly snapped them up at a high bid of $45.  I am hesitant to even share Housing Works with you greedy, shopaholic biddies, as my next coveted good is this pair of Marni’s (currently priced at $75 and expiring on Tuesday). I post this with a warning: if any of you outbid me for these shoes, I will find you, and I will have them.

IV. Swag[Refinery29 Nail Polish Collection. Image c/o Grease And Glamour, my new blogette friend. She is really freaking awesome]

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a party to celebrate Refinery 29’s fragrance and nail polish launch at The Blind Barber. The Blind Barber was freaking awesome, and may be my new favorite bar in New York, but more importantly, Refinery29 provided guests with a sneak peek at the collection and let us take home the pre-released polishes. How sick is the forest green? My coworker casually said it looked like “moss was growing out of my fingernails,” but I politely disagree. The color is called Happy Hunter, and I lurve it. Also, it was free–you know there’s nothing I love more than a 100% off deal.

IV. Immaculate Infatuation

[Image via Immaculate Infatuation]

For reasons unknown to me, I actually hadn’t heard of Immaculate Infatuation until today. This confuses me because I am pretty sure the guys who write it are my soulmates. Or, more specifically, their taste buds are soulmates with my taste buds. I want our taste buds to walk down the beach holding hands, and create beautiful baby taste buds together. Immaculate Infatuation is the brainchild of two dudes who love food, and want to share their love of food with the internet world. They honestly and unpretentiously review New York restaurants, without using words like locavore and eponymous (I really hate the word locavore. And staycation. And other words that even if they were two words in succession, like they SHOULD be, don’t actually make any sense. What is a stay vacation? Or a local carni/herbi/omni-vore?!  Stop butchering the English language. The only word excluded from this hatred is jeggings. Which I love. The apparel and the noun). The boys of Immaculate Infatuation have an iPhone app, and a feature called Friday Fives in which a celeb or otherwise awesome person (recently: The Man Repeller, Vampire Weekend, Rachel Uchitel. I like yo diversity) guest-blogs about their favorite five restos in New York. Chris and Andrew, I am available for a Friday Five (or marriage) whenever you desire.

Have a great weekend, friends! I haven’t decided yet if I am going to post while I am in Europe. This depends largely on the quality of my WiFi, the quantity of my hangovers, and the amount of hours my flights are delayed. See you in 2-9 days (aaaaaalways keep ’em guessing)!


  1. Jessica

    I have to say I am all for bidding on cool things from housing works (there is one near my apt on the UES which has great stuff), but I have to say that I worried about you bidding on used shoes. Aside from not being one of the healthiest things since you assume the previous owner has sweat in them, the have also been molded to the other persons feet which can lead to problems for you. According to an article from MSN Money, shoes make the list of top 10 items you should not buy used.
    As for your comment about The Blind Barber being awesome, I totally agree!

    Anyway, have a great time in Europe!

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