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Fetch Friday: Short, Sweet & Full of Carbs

A delayed and slightly rushed Fetch Friday, but nonetheless, things that made me happy this week (in addition to the fact that it’s Friddddddayy and in several short hours I will be napping/wine-ing/existing in an environment sans flourescent light and deadlines).

I. Restaurant Week

[Dessert at Calle Ocho for Restaurant Week]

In case you have been living under a rock, it is Restaurant Week in New York. This means that for $35 for dinner and $24  for lunch, you can gorge yourself on appetizer, entree, and dessert in hundreds of city restaurants. Of course, most of the hardest spots to get into aren’t on this list but there are a few awesome ones: I have reservations at Perry St., SHO Shaun Hergatt, Mercer Kitchen and Mr.Chow. Restaurant Week Hint: If you can, go for lunch. It’s less crowded, cheaper, and you can get a three course meal and a glass of wine for around $30. Last night, five of my best friends from college got together at Calle Ocho on the Upper West Side for dinner and many drinks. We celebrated our pal K’s move from Nebraska to New York over sangria y ceviche. Then, she made me take the subway. And used a map. Ugh.

II. Winter Apparel and Activities

[Snuggling with my favorite person in my new favorite sweater (60% off. BUY IT NOW]

My mom just sent me this pic from the holidays. I actually think it might be legitimately candid and not posed for faux-cuteness. I am extremely excited for a weekend of warm clothing and lazing around.

III. Adding To My Collection

[Bag, Marc By Marc Jacobs]

This purse was gifted to me by my boyfriend’s mom (slash my blog’s biggest fan–hi! and thank you!) a few weeks ago but has yet to make its’ appearance on the blog. Helllooo, outrageously adorable polka dotted purse to add to my ever-growing collection of cross body bags. I love everything about tiny cross body purses, but wish my large quantity of them had the capability to magically expand inside (see: Hermione Granger’s magic parcel) without looking any larger and less cute on the outside. C’est la vie. I have been wearing this non-stop since I got it, and have officially decided: black and white polka dot works perfectly as a neutral. Done.

IV. Warm, Melted Cheese

[Macaroni & Cheese at Cookshop. Our meal was thoroughly underwhelming, except for this cheesy delight and a perfect hot toddy]

There’s something about almost 5PM on a Friday that has me dreaming of my favorite block on the food pyramid–warm, melted cheese. This mac and cheese, consumed on my Monday off from work, was perfectly gooey, cripsy, crunchy. Have I mentioned if I had to subside on a single food, I would choose mac and cheese? I would.

V. Nesting

[My favorite corner of my office–lotion, a framed shot of my fam, sunnies, monogrammed cards, and faux flowers]

Speaking of my office, we all just shared several bottles of wine, and it’s time to go. Happy weekend!

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