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Fetch Friday: January 27, 2012

Happy Monday, friends! Isn’t Monday effing awful lovely? To ease everyone back into the week, a little Fetch Friday, Monday Edition. Aren’t I thoughtful? (What actually happened was this  post got stuck in WordPress’s queue and I was too busy being awesome all weekend to notice it hadn’t launched).


I. Copenhagen 

[The Danish equivalent of Fifth Avenue. Perfection]

My junior year of college, I studied abroad in a fairytale land where beautiful blonde creatures wandered in and out of pastel rowhouses containing stores priced to the Kroner (a confusing and horribly expensive currency), purchasing layers I couldn’t afford and being unnaturally tall and coordinated on a bicycle. A land where strangers left babies in snowsuits alone in strollers on the street, and, behind a gate marked “You Are Now Exiting The European Union,” a hippie colony full of dreadlocked angels sold every wonder known to man. This place, where none of the prior has been exaggerated, was Copenhagen, and while I slave away as an adult, my little sister is studying abroad there now, sending me pictures such as the above to incite rage and jealousy. Clearly, I am planning a visit.


II. Mad Men

[Patatas Bravas at Boqueria SoHo]

I am normally far too into my iPhone to notice celebrities on the streets and way too busy scarfing down my food to take note of them in restaurants, but last week, at the Village outpost of the delicious tapas spot Boqueria, I enjoyed some authentic patatas bravas (fried potatoes drenched in garlic aioli–yes.) within feet of one of my favorite leading men–Don Draper (note: I refuse to refer to him as anything but Don Draper). Although my first intention was to lunge at him in a combination of undying love/great anger that the last time Mad Men was on I was still in college, I refrained. Mostly because I’m not sure if they’re done shooting Season 5 (PREMIERING MARCH 25) and I would hate to injure his pretty little face just in time for Sterling Cooper Draper Price to make a much-needed resurgence into our lives.


III. J.Crew 

Hello, Jenna Lyons? It’s Nikki. Listen girl, I don’t care if you do paint your male child’s toenails pink, or that you may or may not be a lesbian these days–to me, you are perfect. J.Crew’s Spring/Summer collection launches for online pre-order any freaking day now (get on the VIP list here), and that mint bag, (along with quite a few pretty little pastels)


IV. Brooklyn Brainery


[The History, Culture & Science of Cheese at Brooklyn Brainery]

A picture of cheese? How new and unusual. What is new and unusual is that I have discovered Brooklyn Brainery, a community-driven, crowd-sourced school in Carroll Gardens, that offers ridiculously cheap and awesome classes on every subject imaginable. A smattering of recent options–The History, Culture & Science of Cheese,” (aka, the above glory, complete with  tasting), “Mochi Gets Made (a mochi-making class–duh), and “They Pour, You Drink: A Survey of Slavic Vodkas” (this class is being taught by the Bogo family, primarily myself. Am I kidding? You’ll have to go to find out).

V. Hats

[Kate Middleton, in a headpiece I would be shot for wearing]

While I have yet to master not resembling an infant in any sort of hat that is not a fedora (I loathe all hats with the exception of fedoras, which actually look quite cute on me), the Headwear Association (Tagline: Promoting Hats and Headwear Awareness Worldwide) has awarded Kate Middleton with the honor of “Hat Person of the Year” (other nominees included Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. I can’t tell if this site is a joke so I will assume it is not). Hats off to you, Kate (heh)–I feel like not nearly enough attention has been paid to you since we determined that you are neither anorexic nor pregnant, and I am thrilled for this opportunity to look at pictures of a near-perfect human being with intricate works of art on her head.

Till next time, all–have a lovely week!

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