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May The Mondays Be Ever In Your Favor

Most Mondays I am in a weekend-induced stupor, but I think I may still be suffering from Megan-Draper’s-Wardrobe-Last-Night-Delirium and thus happy as a clam (has anyone ever thought about that simile? are clams happy? I wouldn’t be, if I was a clam, looking all slimy on the ocean floor until someone washes me down with champagne for dinner, but that’s neither here nor there) floating on waves of pastel mod perfection. I am pretty excited for people to start making Megan Draper Tumblr memes. You saw it here first, kiddos.

Mad Men was the perfect end to a lovely weekend with friends, carbs, beers and bling.


[Charcuterie at Crispo, a new-to-me Chelsea find with a gorgeous outdoor garden]

[Cherry blossoms and taxis on a beautiful Park Avenue morning]

[New elephant statue/bling display, purchased for $20 at an East Village flea market we stumbled upon my accident on Saturday. His name is Napooki and he, like I, likes to layer his necklaces]

[The Aristocrat at Essex–potato pancakes, smoked salmon, caviar, poached eggs, and sour cream. Essex may have been one of the city’s first bottomless brunches but it remains one of my favorites]

[New for spring: Belt via J.Crew, Necklace via Flea Market, Maxi Skirt via Limelight Marketplace, a random pop-up shop in the old Limelight space which used to be a club which used to be a church (which, coincidentally, used to hold teen nights when I was in high school, which is where I was, wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch tanktop knotted at my far-too-exposed adolescent midriff, when I told Momma Bogo I was going to the movies with Lauren. Sorry Momma Bogo). Whenever I purchase new things in bulk I feel the need to wear them all together, which is what I’ve been doing with all these items for the past three days]

[Post brunch, flea market-ing (you can see Napooki’s trunk peeking out of my bag), and beer garden-ing. Immediately after seeing this picture I came to  the (correct and belated) conclusion that I desperately need my highlights redone–thus, my coif is now very blonde and pretty short. It looks cute, or so the fine people at Platinum Salon led me to believe. On my left and right are my supa-cute friendlings, K & Z]

[Mani via Essie (Navigate Her), Juice via Juice Generation (Hail To Kale: kale, carrot, apple, watermelon & lemon), Ring via Stolen From K’s jewelry box. Hey boo]

[Wine, sweet potato fries, and seared tuna on a particularly warm evening with a particularly lovely lady at 7A Cafe]

[Prosecco, Prosciutto, Parmigiano: Screw Live, Laugh, Love, here’s a motto I can really get behind]

But, alas, a new week. Today, I am seeing The Hunger Games. I resisted the urge to make an I ❤ Peeta T-shirt. Other fun activities of the week include a date at The Nitehawk Cinema, some Core Fusion and cocktails (it’s pretty rude/lovely that my favorite fitness class, other than the wonderful cult of a hot yoga studio I belong to, is located in the Gansevoort Hotel, making it practically impossible not to flit up to the roof or the al fresco tables at Tanuki and immediately counteract all benefits of the 60 minute torture class), and a trip to Vermont this weekend. It was initially meant to be a ski trip, but what with the global warming and subsequent lack of snowy terrain, I think we’ll be plenty happy visiting cheese factors and napping instead.

May the Mondays be ever in  your favor.

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