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Fetch Friday: October 21, 2011

Fetch Friday, Can-This-Hangover-Please-Go-Away Edition. Apologies for the delay in posting– my computer screen is making me dizzy.

I. Sole Society

[Shoes, Bella, Sole Society]

Do you guys use Sole Society? It’s a free service that, like Stylemint and Jewelmint, uses your personal preferences to select a “closet” of items you might like. In this case, it’s six pairs of shoes (flats, heels, and boots), sent to you every month. Each shoe is $49.95, boots are $59.95, and you can pick and choose from your personalized closet or discard your picks to view the closets of others. I have been on their mailing list for a few months now and never paid much attention to them until they sent me the above babies–LOVE. I think these would look great with fall camels and jewel tones. Also, I’m a sucker for concepts like this. You can earn credits for buying shoes, or for referring friends (wanna sign up for Sole Society? Use my link. Momma would love a free pair of kicks).

II. Adventures in Pasta

[Bambino’s Pasta & Sauces]

Last weekend, a friend and I had the chance to explore the farmer’s market/food festival on Fulton Street. I love venturing outside my neighborhood and comfort zone, especially when it involve discovering new ways to fatten myself up. The Fulton Street market had a ton of delicious vendors, who, to my great joy, were glad to allow small girls with big cameras free samples. My favorite by far was Bambino’s Ravioli. The brothers Bambino were the nicest guys ever–with our purchase of 3 raviolis (Porcini Mushroom, Prosciutto and Provolone, Broccoli Rabe and Fresh Mozzarella), they threw in free Ricotta Linguine. They also treated us to about a pound of smoked mozzarella on the house-nom nom nom. I have had a very delicious and pasta-filled week of Tupperware lunches, and would gladly venture all the way downtown for more Bambino’s.

III. A Little Something Extra

[Scarf: Ann Taylor, Sunnies: Oliver Peoples, Watch: Michael Kors]

I am a true believer that the devil’s in the details. Actually, I don’t really know what that saying means, but I am a true believe that details are what makes an outfit stylish and special. My infatuation with  throwing an extra accessory on rather than taking one off when leaving the house comes both from my very stylish very Russian mother, and my Google Reader full of fashion blogs. My favorite e- fashionistas (such as Helena and Blair) always serve as inspiration to buy another bauble, but the three things I never ever leave the house without are a watch, big sunglasses, and (in temperatures under 75 degrees) a scarf. The three currently in my rotation are pictured above.

IV. A Neighborhood Bistro

[Moon Mountain Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake]

As fond as I am of sampling every new “it” restaurant, there’s something about a cozy dinner with friends at a neighborhood bistro that really makes my night. My best girlfriends and I recently tried Rafaella on Ninth Avenue and had the most wonderful dinner. This place is beyond adorable–the five of us squeezed into a corner table with soft mismatched chairs and odd cutlery and were the last ones to leave when we finished at midnight. After a delicious entree (and a bottle of wine each), we all shared the moon mountain chocolate and hazelnut cake (pictured above), which was over the moon (ugh. Sorry).

V. A Relaxing Weekend

[Photo Via]

This weekend is Vanderbilt’s homecoming, but with so many big trips planned (a visit to DC in a few weeks, Madrid and Berlin for Thanksgiving (things I am thankful for: flight points and Easyjet), and a skiing adventure in December, I decided to sit this one out. While all my friends are busy frolicking through fields of beer and plastic handled vodka in Nashville this weekend, I plan to relax and take some time to do everything I have been too busy for–such as reading October magazines, getting my nails done, and going to Equinox just to slowly elliptical for 5 minutes and sit in the steam room in an hour. *Ohmmmmm*


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