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Fetch Friday: 11/11/11 Edition

It is chilly, ya’ll. Perfect weather for a casual Friday. This weekend, I plan to entertain some of my favorite people, who are visiting from D.C., and spend some quality time at my parents’ house. My mother has decided that we are going to engage in an activity called “Go through all the shit you have acquired in 23 years of life and still keep in my house and dispose of at least 75% of it.” Woman is serious. The contents of my room in New Joisey include: Somewhere between 50 and 100 sorority and camp T-shirts, approximately 2000 photos, half of which are stuffed into albums and scrapbooked and the rest of which are crammed into various boxes and nooks, one drawer entirely filled with diaries, grades 1-11, which Mama has admitted to reading when she is bored, one closet stuffed with a combination of garments I can’t bear to part with because I think they might make a comeback in several years/decades, and countless knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and other random memorabilia that I one day plan to nostalgically pore through with my daughter while she hologram-texts her friends with whatever newfangled gadget the kids will be using in 2035 to complain that she can’t meet them at the movies because her mom is being crazy again. Le sigh.


I. Luck

[Image via Pinterest]

Happy 11/11/11! I’m one of those terribly corny people who put an alert on her iPhone to remind her to make wishes at 11:11AM and 11:11PM today. I think my willingness to hang on to superstition hangs from my very lucky birthday, 8/8/88 (Side note: Is that okay to reveal on one’s personal blog? Will you steal my identity? Please don’t). For the first thirteen or so years of my life, my Russian Jewish grandparents believed that I was an extremely blessed child due to  the circumstance of my day of birth, and would get me hundreds of dollars worth of Lotto tickets for every birthday. I think I once won a few hundred bucks, but I’m pretty certain they spent more on tickets than I ever banked. I can’t remember if they stopped because I failed to cash in on their Lotto dreams, or because once I grew into my teens I got bratty enough to demand more useful birthday gifts, like hot pink nail polish and cold hard cash.

II. Loafers

[Loafers, Kelsi Dagger via Hautelook. See that “On Hold”? In ma cart, bitches!]

Am I the last person on the internet to purchase leopard loafers? Probably, but these were only $50 on Hautelook and I snagged em up really quickly. I plan to wear these all winter with leggings, dark jeans, and tights. Praying to the UPS Gods that they arrive before my trip to Madrid.

III. Sample Sales

[Jacket, Tibi. And more importantly, MINE]

I’m not sure if I forgot about sample sales when I was living in D.C., or simply denied their existence as not to slip into an Ann Taylor-induced state of depression. Now that I am back, they are very much top-of-mind, and late fall is sample sale season galore! I subscribe to Daily Candy and Racked‘s emails to learn about local sample sales. Earlier this month, Racked sent me this gem of an email, detailing all the Manhattan sample sales in November, and while the real crowning jewel is Rebecca Minkoff’s next week (who wants to come with me? Mama need a new M.A.B.), this week’s Tibi sale left me the proud owner of the above jacket, which looks much cuter on me than on this headless model. I followed a petite Asian girl around the showroom for approximately twenty minutes to snag this jacket, pretending to look at something extremely interesting on my iPhone whenever she turned around. Stalker success! It is mine, and I wore it out of the sale and for two days thereafter. It is currently on my bed. I’ve been thinking about it all morning.

IV. Watering Holes

[Duck Ham with Hen of Woods Mushrooms & Taleggio Cheese Panini at Terroir]

I’ve said before that I love me a good neighborhood spot, and while a cute cafe is great, there’s nothing better than a go-to wine bar. Terroir just opened down the block from my boyfriend’s place, and we had the chance to check it out on an impromptu date night. We sat at the bar and ordered paninis and a bottle of cheap red–perfect for a casual night with the boo or the girls. I plan to return on many a chilly evening.

V. This

[Image via Pinterest]

I plan on getting this printed out and framing it in my kitchen, and may do the same for some friends as a little DIY-gift. How true! All this time, I have been missing Elevensies. This sign does exclude “Late Night Pizza,” but I suppose a girl can forgive that.


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