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Fetch Friday: November 4, 2011

Happy Happy Friday! I came down with a nasty cold this week, so I have been taking it more or less easy. In my book, this means drinking matzoh ball soup and wine alone on my couch while watching new fall shows, snuggling soft things like blankets and puppies, subsequently researching potential puppy adoption, and using my illness as an excuse not to go the gym. I couldn’t be happier that the week is winding down and looking forward to fun with friends and family this weekend. Things currently making me happy:

I. Puppies

[You will be mine, Image (and puppy) c/o Chelsea Kennel Club]

I know it’s not fair/possible to have a puppy in a Manhattan apartment barely big enough to hold my shoes, especially when I am working full time, but I have literally fallen in love with this little guy. I met him at the Chelsea Kennel Club earlier this week, and due to the dangerous proximity of the Chelsea Kennel Club to my apartment, have been back to visit him. Twice. I have made a somber promise to myself not to walk within two blocks of the Chelsea Kennel Club if I have had more than 2 cocktails, because I am fairly certain I would not have the self control to not take him home (drunk chicks buying puppies on their way home from happy hour  is a real problem in Manhattan, and was even the subject of a Huffington Post story this summer. #whitegirlproblems).

II. Mikkat Market

[Shirt, Mikkat Market, $51]

Has everyone known about Mikkat Market and not been telling me? Rude, you guys. This little boutique, the brainchild of blogger Katherine Kim, sells ridiculously affordable and effortlessly chic clothes designed or curated by Kim herself. In addition to the above blouse, which, with red lips and a high bun, will make me look considerably cooler than I am, I am currently eyeing Kim’s perfect white tee ($24!) and black faux leather shorts ($30. Pinch me, please).

III. Mindy Kaling

[Mindy, you literary genius. You can’t actually click this picture to look inside, sorry. It saved like that from Amazon and I’m too lazy to find another]

Speaking of everyone knowing things that I don’t, the title of Mindy Kaling’s first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, is literally my biggest concern in life. I am one of those people who wants all my friends to download the iPhone FriFi app so I know if they are hanging out without me, at all times. When I wake up on weekend mornings, I promptly text at least 10 people “Whatcha doing?” Not because I have any intention of getting out of bed to join them for brunch, but because I actually need to know what they are doing. Always. It’s an issue I have battled with since I was an infant. My mom tells me I stopped taking naps at the age of 8 months and when I learned to talk informed her that I couldn’t nap anymore because I was “afraid to miss fun.”  Not much has changed. Other that addressing my largest fear, Mindy pens a blog called “Things That I Bought That I Love,” which was one of the inspiring factors in my decision to start an extremely materialistic humor site.

IV. Anna Wintour

 [Ms. Wintour, in 1988. Image c/o Huffington Post]

Happy 62nd birthday (yesterday) to Ms. Wintour, the first lady of fashion! The above picture was taken in 1988, about a year after she took the helm at Vogue and a mere five months after I was born. I really like Anna’s outfit. In fact, I want to recreate it immediately and believe I have the pieces in my wardrobe to effectively do so. Do you guys want to know a secret? On weekday mornings, when I want to pull on jeggings and Tory Burch flats and a flowy, loose top, I usually do. But on the days that I stop and force myself to select an actual outfit from my closet, I am inspired by Anna Wintour. If, at 23, I can’t be bothered to put on real pants, where will I be at 62? Thanks, Anna, for the leopard print booties and sweater-dress I am currently rocking despite perfect jegging weather.

V. Fall in New York

[Picture c/o Time Out New York]

Here’s the thing. I have never seen fall in New York look like this. Fall in New York is usually a time of very eager tourists, seriously over-saturated parades, and dead, crispy leaves. But just to know, that on some days, from some angles, it looks like this–is enough to seriously make me smile.

Have a great weekend!

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