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Fetch Friday: Freixenet Edition

What? It’s actually Monday?  I hope you’ll forgive me, since this week’s Fetch Friday features a special holiday gift for two lucky readers! See, I may delinquent with my posts, but I am never, ever, stingy (see number V.)

I had a fabulously festive weekend, complete with a Christmas-themed bar crawl, my boyfriend’s company’s holiday party, and several hours spent gift shopping.  I love this time of year in New York. Overrun with tourists as it may be, the city is magical throughout the month of December. Though I have lived here for almost twenty years, I thoroughly take part in non-native activities such as visiting the tree, ice skating in Central/Bryant Park, and seeing The Nutcracker. The one place you will never catch me is at the department store windows. I’d rather never shop again than frequent the Herald Square Macy’s after Thanksgiving and before New Years Eve.

Fetch Friday, Festivity/Freixenet Edition:

I.  Decor


[Decorations in my entryway]

Remember this over Halloween? Last week, my entryway was re-purposed for the winter holidays. Jewish-girl decor (don’t fret, grandma, I have a menorah on the windowsill) includes stockings full of tinsel, a massive bow for our (reindeer!) antlers, and a two foot tall Christmas tree. I had a Veruca Salt-esque tantrum when my boyfriend (correctly) pointed out that my apartment would not be able to contain anything larger, but made the best of it with my corner of cheer.

II. Parties


[My boyfriend and I at his company’s bash this Saturday. My dress is Milly via Rent The Runway]

I love holiday parties the way I used to love sorority formals, and, a long time ago, proms, homecoming dances, and bar mitzvahs (le sigh). I think there is nothing more fun than dressing up, drinking champagne, and eating miniature foods (pigs in a blanket and sliders make me lose it–how are you so delicious and so adorable simultaneously? Imagine my joy and subsequent 5 lb weight gain when I learned of Baked by Melissa). Holiday parties are an excellent excuse to both buy a new dress and consume one week’s dose of calories in hors d’oeuvres alone, both of which fall into my favorite activities. This year, I chose to rent two of my dresses from Rent The Runway. I’d never used the service before but it was awesome and I highly recommend it, especially for those of you who like pretty sparkly things as much as I do.

III. Movies

[My favorite holiday movie of all time]

Holiday movies are the best. From the silly (Elf, Bad Santa)  the sad (It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street) to the kids holiday movies that are really for adults after a few glasses of wine (How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause), but my absolute favorite has always been Love Actually. Every single movie that has ever been made since Love Actually that tries unsuccessfully to copy the Love Actually premise has been god-awful (Valentine’s Day, He’s Just Not That Into You, and inevitably, New Year’s Eve), but to me, Love Actually is perfect despite all it’s ridiculously unbelievable plot twists, connections, and British cuteness. When the film came out our sophomore year of high school, one of my best friends and I made a promise to watch it together every holiday season, and we’ve kept our word for the ninth year standing. My favorite plot line is Joanna and Sam, hers is Aurelia and Jamie. We both despise Kiera Knightley and Andrew Lincoln to the point that we refused to learn their characters’ names, although the still above does melt my cold icy heart every year.

IV. Shopping

[Some presents for myself]

Though I can’t reveal my holiday gifts to others on this blog (yet), I am happy to share some gifts I acquired for myself. I forgot how lovely sample sales are, and how easy it is to find one in New York, especially during the holidays. These lovely little blouses are from Equipment’s blowout last week. Needless to say, I went overboard. On the plus side, I have purchased all but two of the gifts I plan to give my friends and family this year, so I (and my credit card. oops) are ahead of the curve.

V. Gifts

[Freixenet Gift Package for two lucky readers]

I’ve saved the best for last, of course–gifts! On the negative first day of Christmas (I believe the 12 days begin tomorrow),   I am excited to gift my internet friends with a special giveaway from Freixenet Sparkling Wines. All together now (to the tune of the 12 Days Of Christmas, of course), six sparkling wine flutes and a handbook on etiquette and  partieeeeeeees). This week and next, I will have a total of Freixenet packages to give away. To enter to win, leave a comment with your name and your favorite thing about the holidays. Or, if you’re from New York and want to be mean (duh), your least favorite. Make sure to include your email address in the comment form (will not be shared or revealed on the blog) so I can contact you and send you yo swag!

Ho, ho, ho, internet!


  1. Jessie

    a) Love: advent calendars, and always being the one to open up the little doors 🙂
    b) Hate: whyy did it start after Halloween this year? Did you see Nordstrom’s ads before Thanksgiving? Brilliant!
    c) your blog is hilarious Nikki! I always read it– keep it up!

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  3. Gina

    My favorite thing about the holidays in New York has got to be ice skating at Rockefeller Center or Central Park! I know its horribly overrated but I go every year with my family!

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