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All I Want For Chrismakkuh…

…is youuuuuu.

Ugh, just kidding. I love capitalism and gifts and pretty sparkly things, so I’d like considerably more than that, please. Here are some items that have made it onto my Chrismakkuh list (my family stole this term from the OC in 2005 and has been eagerly overusing it ever since) this holiday season. Mom, dad, boyfriend, long lost relatives from mother Russia that found me via blog? I hope you’re reading.

1. A Crisp New iPad Case

[Really clever iPad Case, Kate Spade]

Last spring, confused by the cool and awesome factor of it, I bought one of those iPad cases that has a keyboard in it, thinking I would then do all my work on my iPad and make others on the DC–>NY Acela really jealous with my resourcefulness. Since then, I have realized I really only use my favorite toy to read blogs, send emails, and watch TV. And that case is really heavy. So I am in the market for a new one. I love the Kate Spade one above, but these two from Michael Kors and J.Crew are close seconds.

2. A Clarisonic Cleanser

[Clarisonic Mia Cleanser]

Ugh, most boring gift ever, right? Except apparently it makes your pores non-existent and your skin glow, and, while I don’t blink twice when spending $120 on dinner, or a silk top, or 12 pineapple upside down shots for all the new friends I made at Santacon, I don’t feel like spending it on something actually useful. It’s like paying bills, or co-payments at the doctor’s office. Things with purpose don’t give me a rush to buy. So I ask others to buy them for me. The lavender color, please.

3. A Nikon J1

[Perfect teeny tiny SLR]

I’ve been telling myself I’m going to buy myself a nice digital SLR for about a year now, and somehow never managing to get around to it. My priorities are that it be small and portable, since its main function will be to photograph food and occasionally shoes. The Nikon J1 is my favorite option currently on the market–a mirrorless SLR, it has all the photo functions of a full size SLR and weights only 14 ounces! This means that it can come with me from tapas to dancing to late night Pizza 33 without any worries. Success.

4. OMG Shoes

[Booties, Alexander Wang]

I want these. I have been wanting them for a while, and have waited patiently and it is time for them to be mine. If I were to buy these, they would 100% be the coolest shoe I own. So Man Repeller. So perfect. So on sale. Mommmmmmmmy.

5. Home Decor

[Picture frames via West Elm, Hand via A+R]

I moved into my apartment exactly three months and it still doesn’t feel quite like a home. Although I have put finishing touches, such as an awesome headboard, leaning mirror statement piece, and picture frames and knickknacks of all shapes and sizes in my bedroom, our living room, foyer, and dining room remain undone (a note: these are all actually the same room, with the exception of the foyer, which is in reality a hallway). This holiday season, I would love to receive some of the finishing touches that will really turn our 500 square feet into a cozy home and not just a living space. I love the idea of creating a gallery wall of different framed media, or of storing household objects in unexpected ways, like in the above hand.

6. Pilates Classes

[The end result, of course]

Last week, I took a Pilates Reformer class and proceeded to walk like I had been hit by a truck for the next three days. It was awesome. The tiny issue with these classes is that they, like many other services in New York, are ridiculously overpriced. At $32 a class, I find myself asking–“Would I rather do pilates or have three cocktails?” Cocktails usually win. A lovely way to combat the Vodka vs. Pilates advantage would be with a a gift certificate to a studio. My abs would then look like the above picture. It would be really really great.

7. World Peace

[Wait, whaaaaat? Thanks, Santa!]

Your turn. (P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Freixenet giveaway for FREE BOOOOOZE).


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