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Last week, my brain (and subsequently, Sew Fetch), took a much needed hiatus from all things reality. I had the pleasure of working from home while my boyfriend’s office was closed for the holidays, and we spent a week in the city and the burbs–enjoying homemade meals by our mothers, long, leisurely brunches, walks all over the island, happy hours that lasted from 3 to midnight, and many movies and naps. Needless to say, going back to work this week is going to be r-o-u-g-h.  A few bits and pieces from our week:


[Festive touches at my parents’ house–my mom is the absolute best at adding little details that make a room, a home, and a holiday really special]

[Some of my newly acquired holiday gifts! Via Spiga over the knee boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case, Rebecca Minkoff Tote. Thanks Mama, Papa, Boy, Santa, and the Hannukah Armadillo]

[A typical weekday evening–several varieties of cheese, delightful charcuterie, and magically refilling wine glasses. We had a self-led wine tasting adventure via The Tasting Room–so fun and highly recommended for a date or girl’s night!]

[Inspired by spending prolonged periods of time in actual homes rather than twenty-something disheveled apartments, I added a few fun art pieces, a new bench, and some much-needed accents to our little place. Above: Can you believe the frame and newspaper-print images now hanging in our living room are from TJ Maxx? I scooped them up at the Chelsea location–a hot, disorganized mess, but brimming with awesome pieces if you have a little time and a lotta patience. I snagged a bunch of little things for the home, the aforementioned bench at a 65% discount, and an Alice+Olivia fur vest for under $500 total!) The sweet New York poster (hand-painted onto a subway map) was bought on the street in the West Village. Below: Some Z Gallerie Candles, a sparkly skull (via Home Goods, my favorite stop for apartment goodies. I haven’t been to the new Upper West Side location but adore the one by my parents’ house in Dirty Jerz), one of my favorite Pinterest prints framed, and our growing collection of pretty matches from yummy eateries…make for a cozy nook)]

[Multi-denominational holiday cake. You guys–my sister baked this from scratch and decorated it by hand. She is a goddess with a KitchenAid. It really puts me to shame. I had about three slices, of each layer–one was red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the other was vanilla with homemade raspberry whipped cream. Thanks for the 5 pounds, sis. But fo reals, isn’t she amaze? Her and her baking partner in crime started this little blog, Baking Buddiez, this summer. They have unfortunately been terrible with updating the world with their culinary treats but the girls are seriously talented (at expanding my waistline). Check it]

[The boyfriend and I are on New Year’s Eve! We had a great time celebrating with Sushi & Champagne at his apartment and then a debaucherous penthouse bash with our friends from college (direct quote–“This feels like New Year’s Eve’s Bar Mitzvah“). My dress is Rebecca Taylor and my necklace is RJ Graziano via Rent The Runway (another great experience with RTR to ring in the New Year)]

Hope everyone had as great a holiday as I did! To come this week–I’ll be discussing my New Year’s resolutions, rules to clean out and rebuild a closet (one of my New Year’s resolutions…every year), and fitness (ditto).

Happy Year of the Dragon!


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