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Weekend In Review

From a happy hour that carried on into the AM hours, to long brunches and longer walks, to a ridiculous Super Bowl party Saturday night and a pizza-and-beer filled night watching with friends on Sunday, I am recovering from another great New York weekend. Some highlights:


[A perfect cappuccino at the Gramercy Park Hotel]

[Fave winter kicksKelsi Dagger leopard loafers, Matt Bernson ankle boots, Topshop studded skimmers]

[Meatball-making class with The Little Owl’s Joey Campanaro! We spent Sunday pre-Superbowl rolling delicious balls, baking our own buns, hand-pulling pasta, and stuffing our bodies full of yummy Little Owl goodies. The class was great, and I’ll be posting closeups of veal-pork-beef perfection and Joey making sweet love to a Kitchen Aid mixer later this week. For now, please note me holding my meatball the way a normal person might hold an injured baby bird]

[Doesn’t this boardwalk look like it belongs in the Hamptons? It’s actually a new installation on the Hudson River. The boy and I went on a serious walk (from Ground Zero up to my Hell’s Kitchen apartment!) and discovered this, tennis courts, and an awesome park hidden on the other side of the West Side Highway]

[Malfatti at Maialino‘s brunch–hand-made pasta with roast suckling pig and arugula is a bit of a strange choice for a brunch dish, but this really hit the spot. Remember when I used to be a vegetarian? I’ll consider it a two-year long lapse of judgement (although I must say, my pants miss being able to close. My move as of late when dining is either a) do the sensible thing and wear a loose dress, or b) pair pants with a long top as to be able to fully unbutton throughout meal)]

[Last remaining holiday cheer at the Chelsea Market. Now that even the stragglers (except for my office. Note to office–I love you dearly but please, please take down our Christmas tree) have gotten rid of their holiday decor, I kind of miss a brightly lit up and festive New York. The Chelsea Market (also, one of my favorite places in the city) remains lit up with a million little lights, making a day spent buying meats at Dickson’s Farmstand, cheese at Lucy’s Whey, and seafood at The Lobster Place all the more merry]

Happy Monday!  I plan on enjoying some FUEL vegetable juices and hot yoga today to detox from a weekend consuming nothing but meatballs, pizza, pasta, beer, and vodka-sodas. Have an awesome week. And oh yeah, HELL YES Giants.


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