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Superbowl Sunday Style Inspiration

In addition to watching the ads very closely in Sunday’s Superbowl game, you can bet I extracted myself from a massive bowl of Queso/the Twittersphere and perked right up at Halftime to watch the Queen of Cone Boob, Madonna herself, deliver what was supposed to be the performance of a lifetime. Truth be told, I never expected the performance of a lifetime–Halftime shows are always bad (people–remember The Black Eyed Peas? Bruce Springsteen? Janet’s Nipple? The only Halftime show I can recall thoroughly enjoying was 2001’s with Nsync and Britney Spears, and that’s because I had been grounded for the past week and denied Walkman privileges and was seriously jonesin’–I think I had done something along the lines of passing a note with a graphic cartoon of my crush and I bludgeoning our Pre-Algebra teacher with a Bop-It and running away to go  to first base together behind the bleachers. Just kidding. I went to school in the city. We didn’t have bleachers).

I did expect Madonna to sound a bit more upbeat and look a bit more alive–woman was Lana Del Ray-ing all over the stage–but I guess we can give her credit for being old (although, as middle-aged women everywhere pointed out, they don’t try to strut their stuff outside of Zumba thank-you-very-much). Despite seriously sub-par attempts and song and dance, one part of Madonna’s performance did stand out to me as beyond awesome–the costumes.



[Lady Madge looking awesome–the costumes were designed by Givenchy, with shoes by Miu Miu.  Image via Fashionista]

[Back walkover? Pathetic. Kicks and gladiator skirt? Gimme. Image via Fashionista]

[The ensemble. Image via Rolling Stone]

Inspired by black leather, sequined accents, and general badassery, I trolled the internet far and wide to find some affordable-ish Madonna-esque pieces (the -esque because  I want neither the arms, the Botox, nor the years of therapy owed to poor Lourdes…just the clothes). Unsurprisingly, I came upon the KARL Karl Lagerferd Net-A-Porter collection.

Observe, items I have realized I cannot live without:

[Jacket, Collar, Shoes–all KARL for Net-A-Porter. Can we discuss this jacket as a leather-jacket-alternate for all time? Or that collar?! So sick over a button-down. The space shoes speak for themselves]

[Shorts, Blazer, Skirt–all KARL for Net-A-Porter. Gazing upon these, I find it hard to believe I have survived without sequined shorts for ever so long. The blazer is appropriately Michael-Jackson-Lesbian-Chic ( a personal aspiration as of late), and the skirt is really only there for aesthetic value, since I just snagged an identical one for a quarter the price from H&M]

Of course, if all else fails, I could always dress up as Eli Manning.

[Jeans: Topshop, Sweater: Vince, Shoes: Michael Kors, Fanny Pack: Gucci (awwww yeahhh), Manningface: Optional. Collage via Polyvore]

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