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Is Butter A Carb: Meatballs at The Little Owl

As I mentioned on Monday, this past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a meatball making class with The Little Owl‘s Joey Campanaro. The class was an awesome experience–we, along with a group of 20 or so others, got to work with Joey to make his famous meatball sliders, hand-pulled pasta, and other delicious tidbits. We followed Joey’s award-winning recipe, which, despite looking exceptionally complicated, was easy enough for me to attempt to replicate in my thirty square foot kitchen (of course, it’s considerably more likely that I will just venture out to The Little Owl next time I get a craving and save my poor oven the hassle).

[Class was held at The Venue, The Little Owl’s catering and event space]

[Meatballs and Wine galore]

[Joey making sweet love to a Kitchen Aid. This experience somewhat motivated me to actually purchase kitchen appliances! Perhaps I will start with kitchen knives (as of now, I only have butter knives and a cheese cutlery set. It makes consuming any sort of food that was once an animal preeeety rough)]


[Moist, cheesy, tomato-ey balls made with the perfect trifecta: Beef, Veal, Pork]

[Proudly displaying our creations. My boyfriend kindly suggested I take that apron home with me]

[Handmade buns–these were surprisingly easy to make if you have some patience for kneading]


[Lassoing the boy into a picture. Hey there, boy!]

[The final result–Butter Lettuce, Butternut Squash & Mango Salad and Joey’s famous Meatball Sliders]

I normally limit my culinary experiences to stuffing my face at various eateries, so it was really cool to actually be a part of the meal-creation process. Part of my New Year’s Resolution this year was to actually utilize my kitchen outside of Lean Cuisine, frozen yogurt, and wine storage, and I’d like to think this was once small step along the way.

For those wondering, meatballs are definitely a carb.


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