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A Trip & A Makeover

Hi guys! Newly made-over Sew Fetch here. I’d like to think of this little blog relaunch as the scene in Clueless where Cher and Dionne rinse the nasty burgundy curls from Brit Murphy’s (RIP) hair and turn her into a slightly less trashy version of herself (You guys, I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M’s and like 3 pieces of licorice).  Anyway, doesn’t Sew Fetch look pretty? My little blog, all grown up, on her way to her first day of 6th grade (I’m thinking that’s right around her emotional maturity level these days).

[Alicia Silverstone, whatever happened to you? Image via Glamour]

Anyway, speaking of being slightly less trashy versions of oneself, this weekend, a bunch of friends and I went to Atlantic City to explore being the slightly more trashy versions of ourselves. I had never been to Atlantic City before, and if I had to describe it, I would concur that it is sort of like DisneyLand for adults–if, rather than being a place that celebrates happiness, family, and fun, DisneyLand was a place that celebrated women past their prime in clothing that belongs to their teenage daughters, chain-smoking couples clearly placing Blackjack bets on their rent, and frat boys that decided marrying their college girlfriend would be boring, bro, and clearly haven’t left since graduation. In addition to these fine specimen (85% of the the AC population), about 15% are twenty and thirty-somethings whose rent payment comes from their meager media/finance/PR jobs rather than poker earnings, who are in from New York and Philly for the weekend just wanting to dance and blow some yuppy ca$h on slot machines (we fit somewhere between this category and the women past their prime in their teenage daughters’ clothing).

That being said, Atlantic City was a great success! I had an awesome time celebrating one of my favorite couples’ birthdays, and even came home with some Roulette winnings (I promptly spent 1/4 on them on McDonald’s and the rest on this jacket. Gambling math assured me that any winnings actually equal double their worth in shopping money, and the Law of Shopping On The Euro clearly states that when shopping on the Euro, just pretend it’s a dollar. Duh).

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the opportunity  to wear all the garments I usually deem too WOWZA for the public eye.

[Sparkles via Topshop, Best Friends via The Good Lord (and sororities.)]

[Faux Fur via Urban Outfitters, Boy via The Good Lord (and fraternities.)]

In addition to dressing like a fashion blogger/transvestite, I did other super fun things:

[Eat: Sautéed Escargot with Shallots, Soppressata, and Roasted Garlic in Fresh Herb Cream. In a HEART shaped bowl. Come onnnnn]

[Drink: These came from a club that had a large pool inside of it. It was about as absurd as it sounds. Yes, people got in. No, I was not one of them]

[Be Merry: I don’t think you’re allowed to take pictures in casinos, but I snuck this one. An Asian lady hoarding a large bag of quarters and about seven Bud Lights gave me a realllly dirty look]

We shall be back.

(P.S. Do you like SewFetch’s new look? Hate it? Tell me in the comments!)


  1. Diane

    I like the way the site looks now but the font is a little small. Did you use a WordPress template or design yourself?

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