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Washington Weekend

I moved from DC back to New York back in September, and with a hectic schedule of eating, shopping, and making spreadsheets, I hadn’t been back to visit until this past weekend. Moving always gives one Graduation Goggles (Reference: HIMYM, duh)–all the negative things I had remembered about DC (too small, too much driving, too college-town, not enough restaurants, shops, or art) suddenly turned wonderful (quaint and adorable! super clean! and the cobblestone streets! how I missed being in a car!  thirty-somethings at bars are really just twenty-somethings at bars whos lives took a downward turn somewhere down the road!  is that another new restaurant in Logan Circle? and vintage that’s not picked over in Georgetown? and a concert line-up that has my ears ringing, in a good way?)

I got to stay with A, one of my favorite people who I had met in my time living in Washington, who remains one of my closest friends, in her awesome U-Street area rowhouse and eat, drink, shop and snuggle to our heart’s content. With DC just a three hour train away, I have absolutely no excuse not to visit more often. Plus, I bought a $10 Metrocard and have $6 left on it, which will obviously irk me until I spend it. No you may not pick me up from Union Station–I’ll take the Metro.

[My favorite mode of transit–Amtrak, complete with personal vino bottles and Downton Abbey on myPad]

[Dinner at Estadio, one of our favorite restaurants: Crispy Duck Breast, Beluga Lentils, Catalan Greens]

[Mas Estadio: Scallops, Roasted Cauliflower & Salbitxada]

[Brunch at the newly-opened Shaw’s Tavern. A funny thing, non-hungover brunch–we ordered Greek Yogurts and skipped the Bloody Marys. Until Second Brunch, two hours later, where we proceeded to only have Bloody Marys. Yes, my dining schedule resembles that of a Hobbit]

[Proof of a weekend spent without the boyfriend–Man Repelling legwear. Booties: Matt Bernson, Socks & Leggings: H&M]

[Dinner at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace. While I do think it’s rude that eateries continue to open in DC now that I no longer reside there, this one can stay. Further proof of a weekend spent without the boyfriend: matching pink cocktails in mason jars]

[Duck Confit Nachos at Pearl Dive. I mean…]

[My partner in crime and I at one of our fave DC Haunts–U Street Music Hall]

My entire trip was amazing, but our Sunday was so excellent that it warrants a post of its own. I’m going to keep you guys guessing on the days’ activities until I can get my crap together decide to post it. Thanks again to Miss A for hosting me–nothing like a little winter weekend wanderlust and happy reminiscing to make me appreciate all the cities I’ve lived in, past, present, and yet-to-be.

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