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Weekend In Review

What a beautiful, sun-drenched, I-pity-the-penguins-in-their-poles-but-give-me-60-and-sunny-any-day weekend.

Highlights included exploring new East Village haunts (like here, a small Russian cafe that has amazing live music and honey-ginger-vodka-caprinhas), celebrating St. Patrick’s day early over the bridge in Hoboken (is Hoboken over a bridge? Through a tunnel? I can’t say I know. But I am 99% sure one crosses a river (East? Hudson? Ugh.) to get there, and general frolicking with friends and calories.


[Cupcakes make every day better, especially when they’re from Billy’s Bakery]

[St. Patrick’s Day Festivities in Hoboken. Despite what they say, it is very, very easy being green. More on that later.]

[Dinner at Zylo at The W in Hoboken. A casual post-festivity snack of skirt steak, if you will]

[Trendy Pinterest photo meant to signify that I went to the movies. I suppose I could have included a screenshot of George Clooney hiding behind a bush (we saw The Descendants, and I thought it was excellent, despite the fact that George Clooney is really too pretty to suffer the hardships that film put him through. As someone who regularly watched Secret Life of the American Teenager (before you judge, have you ever TiVo-ed The Voice? Spent a Sunday with the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Accidentally forgot where you put your remote during a marathon of Say Yes To The Dress? Now, people who live in glass houses of really horrible reality television that makes me sad about the state of today’s society really shouldn’t throw stones at ABC Family, should they?), The Descendants also made me really proud of Shailene Woodley, who looked really skinny did a great job as Clooney’s daughter]

[Contadino: Poached Eggs, Brussel Sprouts & Buttercup Squash at Maiolino, which is quickly becoming our very neighborhood brunch destination]


[Curling up on my couch with New York Magazine’s Best Of New York Issue, which yearly replenishes my Google Doc of Places To Spend Unneccessary Money At, and also provides excellent ammunition for the quickly growing Food Porn Collage on my refrigerator.]

Happy Monday, children. We gon’ make it.

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