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Fetch Friday: March Edition

Happy Friday, and more important, Happy March! We haven’t had much winter this year, but I’m still pretty thrilled we are officially moving out of Wintry Months and moving into the season of Open Toes,  Beer Gardens, and No Longer Being Able To Get Away With Not Going Out Because It’s Too Cold.

It’s been a crazy week here in Nikki’s Life, (Population: 1), hence no pictures of food or shoes (rest assured though: food was consumed and shoes were purchased). I have been working a ton and have gotten back into hot yoga (at this new West Village studio. I almost don’t want to share it with you guys because its’ that good) but we will be back to our regularly scheduled sartorial programming next week.

Until then, highlights of my week: March edition.


[DIY Cheese + Charcuterie Platter for last weekends’ Oscar Viewing. Cheese via Murray’s (Heaven) and Trader Joe’s. Cheese Knives (which, up until this weekend, were the only knives in my apartment. True Story) via Pottery Barn]

[Beach views out the window of my NJ Transit Train. I spent a day with family in the dirty Jerz this weekend. Sometimes I forget that this can be found a mere hour and a half outside of Manhattan]

[A lovely lady-date at Tacombi in Nolita. See all those tacos and beers? All for us. Mwahaha]

[New leopard-print jeans! I’ve been wanting to pull  the trigger on leopard jeans for a little while now, but I couldn’t decide if they made me look trendy or tranny, so I didn’t want to pay big dollas for them. Spotted this pair at Urban Outfitters of all places and snagged them right up. They’re now on sale online (obviously, they were not when I purchased them 3 days ago) and I highly recommend them]

[The best weekday lunch sandwich ever from Num Pang, introduced to me by my favorite sandwich expert, the boyfriend. Since weekdays lunch more often than not consists of Lean Cuisines and mediocre Chop’t salads at my desk, this comes as a real Friday treat.  The above is roasted chicken with pickled apples and yogurt-chili mayo. Nom]

Have a wonderful weekend–I will be brunching, celebrating St. Patrick’s day early, and joining several friends for birthday dinners and parties.

Till next week–XOXO.

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