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Fetch Friday: Spring Activities Edition

Happy Fetch Friday!

It has been a really good week. A greet-my-doorman-so-enthusiastically-he-is-concerned about me week (just kidding, my doorman and I are best friends. He doesn’t judge the number of packages I receive, and I bring him down beverages whenever we’re having people over. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Also, if advertising and blogging doesn’t work out, I’d like to produce a reality show about doormen. Dudes know everything. Insert copyright here.). A skip-merrily-down-the-street-while-listening-to-jam-bands week. To top it off, I have a great weekend planned, complete with a homemade dinner challenge with the boy tonight, two birthday parties sure to be debaucherous, and a day trip to Connecticut and book club meeting (we just finished this) on Sunday with one of my best friends.

In no particular order:

I. Drinking Outside (Part I)

[Pink Lemonade via Pinterest]

My building’s roof deck and BBQ is now open for the season.  I can’t wait to have people over to drink spiked lemonade, grill, and enjoy the weather and views.

II. Drinking Outside (Part II)

[The Biergarten at The Standard]

Also open for the season? My favorite place to spend a Saturday afternoon, the Standard Biergarten in the Meatpacking district. With temperatures soaring to  the high sixties yesterday, a huge group of us got together to celebrate spring’s arrival. Unfortunately, everyone in Manhattan had the same idea, making for a very crowded Biergarten experience. Nonetheless, there’s nothing better than a tall summer ale and a massive soft pretzel–I can’t wait to spend many weekend days here.

III. Drinking Outside (Part III) 

[The Bread Basket at Pastis]

There is nothing that makes me happier than New York al fresco dining. I had dinner at Pasti’s with my best friends and college roommates the other night (Pasti’s has one of my favorite dining porches, but as it was a bit too chilly, we sat inside). Fueled by Pinot Grigio (Ramona-style, duh), I promised that if they allowed me to photograph their entrees, I would post them here with hiakus about our friendships (remember Sew Fetch’s last haiku attempt?). They’ll have to wait till Monday, and so will you, but until then, a brief preview. To my best friends:

My love for you is
like charcuterie. Endless,
and served best with wine.

IV. Drinking Outside (Part IV) 

[2012 Lineup]

And in the final installment of drinking outside–music festivals, of course!  Sweetlife, located right outside of DC in a forest wonderland, was one of my favorite Spring activities last year. In addition to awesome music, the festival has amazing gourmet food from some of DC’s best vendors. A large group of my friends all bought tickets (get yours here and hang out with me!) and we can’t wait for a mini music-vacation.

V. Neon, Neon (For Drinking Outside, Obviously)

[Jeans via Zara]

What’s a girl to do with all this outdoor drinking and eating  but purchase the proper apparel? I’ve already invested in mint and leopard print jeans for fall, and recently bit the bullet with this awesome neon pair from Zara–they’re even brighter in real life (see here) and i can’t wait to rock them with a white tee and leather jacket on the next warm New York day.

(In other jumping-the-gun news, I have started packing away my sweaters. Much to my dismay, it is forecasted to be in the 40s this weekend. You lose some, you win some excuses to shop the winter sales).

Till Monday!

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