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Weekend Highlights

My boyfriend is out of town doing manly things like skiing and hunting and hiking canyons, so I took this past weekend to  participate in girly activities to no end. I caught up with friends over much wine, got a glittery mani-pedi, spent an afternoon vintage shopping and eating cupcakes, and have been going to bed listening to Taylor Swift and reading The Hunger Games into the wee hours of the night for the past few evenings. Clearly I have seized this opportunity to not only engage in female past-times, but fully revert to a 14 year old. Let’s hope when the boy returns from the wilderness all bearded and surly, I can revert back to a somewhat-adult human. I imagine things getting pretty awkward if I don’t.

While the highlight of my weekend was clearly The Hunger Games, those really deserve an epic saga blog post of their own, so here is everything else I did and enjoyed.


[Vintage shopping at Pony in Brooklyn–this shop was amazing! Highly curated, organized by color, and with all the clothes freshly laundered, it reminded me more of a boutique than a consignment store. It also just won best vintage in NY Mag–check it out]

[Reading not intended for 12-14 year olds and bacon-wrapped brie bites at book club. We discussed The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides, and consumed many varieties of meat and cheese. The above was our contribution. To counter my newfound preteen identity, I am currently in not one but two book clubs, making me a middle-aged woman as well]

[Further book club experiments with brie–these are little pieces of toast slathered with honey, brie, apple, and walnuts. NOM]

[New pieces from Pony and Bird, another awesome Brooklyn find. The grey dress is Doucette Duvall, an emerging NYC-based brand I had never heard of but am now obsessed with, and the the black and white jumpsuit is by Madison Marcus. I’m not sure how I was convinced to purchase a jumpsuit. Clearly the weekends’ activities convinced me to revert to not only a 14 year old girl, but an actual toddler. In my defense, the shopgirl was reallllly cute, and it looked good with wedges. We’ll see. I am eagerly anticipating adding this garment to boyfriends list of “shit girls wear that I hate.” (The category currently includes boyfriend jeans, excessive layering, excessive oversizing, pointy-toed shoes, all hats except for baseball caps but especially my leopard-print fedora, and many more). I am fairly excited for this debut]

[A Brooklyn sign that about sums up my life’s motto]

[Crispy cauliflower with pine nuts, currant and lemon at Balaboosta–I haven’t done an Is Butter A Carb post for a while now and know I owe you at least a brief tidbit–this is from date night before the weekend]

Off to frolic in fields of 70 degree weather

finish The Hunger Games

go to work. Wah.

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