Sew Fetch

Road Trip

After spending the most perfect, wonderful, relaxing few days in Vermont this weekend, the lovely friend who invited me to a weekend of snuggling, wine, fireplaces, and skiing watching other ski while drinking in the lounge and I made a solemn pact to get out of the city one weekend a month, until the end of time or until we are crazy old New Yorkers who wear too much jewelry and yell at people on the bus (although I both a) wear too much jewelry, and b) yell at people on the bus, so whichever comes first).

There’s nothing more necessary than nights where no footsteps, let alone angrily honking horns and drunkenly frolicking street-folk interrupt one’s sleep…and, in contrast, nothing that makes one appreciate the city more  than having to drive 10 minutes to get coffee.


[Snow! New York may have skipped winter, but Vermont stubbornly clung onto it. This was the first snow I saw on the ground all year–I guess snow is nice, when you’re not in in Manhattan and it’s not ruining your shoes]

[Getting down to business: Hunk of sausage. Loaf of bread. Massive slab of cheese. Much of the weekend was spent exactly like this]

[Slopeside imbibements with the boy]

Meanwhile, back in New York, the little things:

[My windowsill. Vases from Home Goods & Z Gallerie, wooden bowls hand-carved by my grandpa in the motherland]

[Zuchinni Hummus Pizza at the adorable Graffiti Wine Bar]

Happy April, internet!

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