Sew Fetch

Holiday Weekend

Back at it after a week spent with friends and a weekend spent with family. Took part in some of my favorite activities (other than eating and napping, although there was plenty of both, obviously).

[A seder with the boyfriends’ family]

[A bike ride over the river and through the woods]

[A plate of Brooklyn Bowl fried chicken-isqua]

[A concert with a favorite (and, a new pop of neon! Been tracking this little necklace down for a while…)]

[A day trip to a little beach town]

[A walk down the boardwalk with the fam (Isn’t my cousin cute? She has great hair. It doesn’t run in the family)]

[Ending the way all great weekends should–with Sunday night cable (Mad Men is normally a cool-down from Game of Thrones, but last night’s was craaaayyy), and Thai takeout]

Coming back to work after a long weekend is always tough, but promises of several movie dates, BYOB dinners, and al fresco picnics has this week off to an excellent start.

Happy Monday!

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