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Weekend Highlights

I quite like ending a weekend of fun with a rainy Sunday–a perfect day to order multiple meals (what did New York do before Seamless?), go to matinee movies, watch excellent television (between Game of Thrones, Mad Men, the new and awesome Veep and the new and meh Girls (we can discuss my meh-ness towards Girls later) my Sunday night TV schedule is almost overwhelming) and plan my outfits for the next week (does anyone else still do that? Laying out my tops, bottoms, and statement necklaces brings me back to the middle school days, except things these days are considerably less tight and more expensive. Oh yes. I definitely dressed more provocatively in middle school than I do now. Just ask my boyfriend, who just this weekend exclaimed–“are you wearing those pants [boyfriend jeans] that make you look homeless again?”

In between dressing like a man without a home and cramming my DVR, some highlights:

[Drinks and Dessert at ABC Kitchen. Can I just live at ABC Kitchen? I suppose that’s the point of furnishing the restaurant with decor from the store. Beautiful table setting for a beautiful experience. The dessert was one of the best I ever had and consisted of a sundae of salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts & popcorn, whipped cream & chocolate sauce]

[Rainbow Bright. Something about candy shops always makes me think of spring and summer and happiness. Perhaps that is why I can’t exit one without at least one small bag of multi-colored sweets. Fun Fact for city dwellers–Tasti DLite: awful frozen yogurt, incredible candy selection]

[The beginnings of an epic brunch at Cookshop. That is one hefty pour, Mister Bartender. There goes the rest of my afternoon]

[The middle of said brunch. Casual pastry platter of coffee crumb cake, white chocolate cherry scones, pecan sticky buns and lemon poppyseed muffin with maple butter and raspberry sauce]

[...and brunch’s end. Vision, like camera focus, very blurry]

[Floral jeans for the win. Do I resemble a deranged six year old? Sort of, but a trendy one, with cooler shoes]

[Cool/mass-murder-esque collection of dismembered doll’s heads at my friend’s awesome apartment. (Hi, A!) I always appreciate a good collection. My last collection was of turtles, and it happened sort of organically. I had 4 or 5 and then people assumed I collected them and began purchasing them as gifts whenever they went on trips or for little occasions. The turtles followed me to college and now live in the shrine to my 16 year old self my room in my parents’ house. I suppose one can’t grow a dismembered doll’s head collection in the same manner, but these are still excellent ]

Planning for a week full of movie dates (Tribeca Film Festival + a very overcast forecast ensures nothing more exciting will be occurring in my social life),  fitness classes (I do leave for vacation in two weeks–check out my favorite yoga spot here and my favorite boot camp for her here), and work events. Happy Monday!

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