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Fetch Friday: Very Pinteresting

In the hopes of avoiding yet another time-sucking internet hobby, I have been all but avoiding Pinterest, the trend that has swept everything with an X chromosome and and a WiFi connection. Call me old fashioned, but I didn’t quite get it–was it just like ripping things out of magazines but online?

You guys. I get it now. I can’t stop pinning. Pinterest is like a magazine of everything that was every pretty, useful, or delicious in the world ramped up on 10,000 milligrams of Adderall XR. As I suspected, it is also the largest time-suck ever–why Facebook stalk pals from camp who may or may not have gotten fat when I can instead look at 29 different ways to wear my new pink pants, or art made out of recycled iPhones and old shoes , or crazy recipes with insane plating for my next garden party…pregame…imaginary fiesta.

Just in time for Fetch Friday, some pin-spiring (see what I did there? I can’t help myself) finds:

[File Under: Outfits I can create from garments I already own but had never thought of pairing]

[File Under: Outfits I can’t create out of things I already own but obviously plan on shopping for. Red Celine Mini-Satchel, Sub-File Under: things I would gladly trade a pinky toe for]

[File Under: Easy meals I can actually create (Tuna Burger, Spinach, Pita Bread]

[File Under: Beverages I will serve my imaginary friends at my next in-my-head pool party]

[File Under: Cool ways to re-purpose maps, or, my next apartment DIY]

[File Under: Decor my dream home will possess]

[File Under: Further furnishings for the dream home]

[File Under: The shoes I plan to stroll around my dream home in. But seriously, who makes these, they are the coolest things I have ever seen]

Fellow readers with an X chromosome–get on it. As fun as browsing the Craigslist missed connections during lunch is, curating an e-collection of shit you’d like to own and subsequently getting depressed about not owning it is so much better. Happy Internet-ing, and Happy Friday!

[All images via Pinterest. Follow me on Pinterest here]

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