Sew Fetch


Hello lovers–

As you read this I will be mid-flight to Mexico, probably seated next to either a) an inconveniently friendly Midwesterner, b) a mother of triplets, or c) a 300 pound woman sweating profusely. But, either way, my Thursday will be a wee bit better than yours, because seatmate notwithstanding–I’m on my way to Mexico. Cinco de Mayo in the homeland…that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

I may check in from resort WiFi (or as they say in Mexico, El WiFi), but until then, a few little highlights of my trip to Washington last weekend.

[Maine Lobster Ravioli topped with crumbled goat cheese, herbs and toasted almonds in a tarragon cream sauce for brunch at old neighborhood brunch fave, Circa]

[Wild Mushroom Flatbread with oaxaca, red pepper, and avocado for dinner at Masa 14]

[Lovers and friends at Blackbyrd Warehouse. U Street and the surrounding areas, I miss your gentrification and grub]

[Kultura Vintage & Bookstore. I’m a sucker for a good vintage place. And a good bookstore. Any place that combines the two is heaven. I’m thinking of framing the above print, love the symmetry]

[The real reason for our trip: SweetLife Music & Food Festival! With a lineup of The Shins, Avicii & Kid Cudi meets Rogue 24, Toki Underground, and Luke’s Lobster, it was basically the perfect day with some of my bestest friends]

See ya on the flip side! I know, I know–I won’t drink the water or get into cars with strangers, no matter what guapos they are.


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