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Sew Fetch Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hey you–yes, you, sitting at your laptop, online shopping–did you get your Mother’s Day gift yet?

I know what you’re thinking–Lay off me, blogger chick. I have five days–I can pick up a gift card.

A gift card? Shame on you, internet friend. Never mind that the woman carried you around for 9 months (have you ever carried anything around for 9 months? I think I once had a Chapstick  that lasted nearly this long, but it was lost pre-maturely around month 8, and I’ve never found a chapstick I loved ever so much again), abstained from alcohol for your well-being (again, have you ever abstained from alcohol for 9 days months? If so, call me…I really need your help), and has spent the past twenty-something years putting up with your demands for more money and your futile attempts to sneak boys in through your bedroom window…no, for Mother’s Day, a gift card will simply not do.

In December, I helped your lazy arses select Chrismakkuh gifts for loved ones (subscription services, iAccessories, massage/fitness/restaurant vouchers), and although any of the above will do for Mama Internet (and, luckily, they all have either instant redemption or quick shipping), I prefer to make my Mother’s Day gifts a little more personal. For this, I go to one of two sites–Etsy, and One Kings Lane.

I. Etsy

It is a known fact that all mothers love handmade crap. If it was created by artisans, villagers, or other moms across the country messing around with beads and paints, moms go gaga for it. Insert Etsy, the World Wide Web’s answer to craft fairs. One can find everything from home decor, to jewelry, to apparel, to art, all made by crafty inviduals and small businesses. Etsy is perfect for those of us who love a good flea market, but don’t feel like getting off our couch for it.

Some Mother’s Day picks from Etsy (all under $100!) include:

[Clockwise: Ampersand Poster, Sweet Harvey ($15), Eyeglass Necklace, LKB Fine Accessories ($48), Geode Earrings, Iris Jewelry Design ($86), Mason Jar Vases, Old New Again ($58 for 3)]

 [A special shout-out to LKB Fine Accessories (top right), an Etsy shop run by one of my best friends’ mothers who has been crafting  for several decades but by her own admission,  “just entered the 21st century with an Internet Shop.” Her eyeglass holders/one-of-a-kind necklaces would make a perfect gift for a mother or even grandma, and if there’s anything  moms love more than hand-crafted bling, it’s hand-crafted bling that serves a dual purpose. Gotcha, madre–you can thank me later.]

II. One Kings Lane

Vintage and homemade not your thing? Ugh, grow a heart, but until you do, check out One Kings Lane. The site is a Gilt Groupe for decor, selling everything from thousand dollar furniture to twenty dollar candles.  Their picks are always seriously curated and wonderfully discounted. If your mom is a decor freak, like mine (every time I visit the woman, she has redecorated, if not a bedroom, a nook, a corner, or a table), this site will serve your every need.

Some picks for the interior designer mama (all but one under $50!) include:

[Clockwise: Mirror, Apf Munn ($149), Tray, Evergreen ($29), Chalkboard Cheese Plate + Cutlery Set, Dennis East ($12), Candle, Provence ($25)]

Inspired? Get to it. And next year, please, get on it sooner.

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