Sew Fetch

Views, Booze & The Pursuit of Shoes

A wonderful weekend, ever so briefly:

I. Views:

[From my deck]

[From the boyfriends’ roof (Photo Credit: boyfriend)]

[From the High Line]

II. Booze:

[Celebrating a best friends’ birthday at Socarrat Paella Bar]

[The menu, which came with mimosas and rose, at City Grit Culinary Salon (an amazing experience–full review this week)]

[After a day of sangria, fries, and beers at The Frying Pan]

III. The Pursuit Of Shoes:

[Awesome street art purchased and subsequently lost by one of my best friends somewhere in or around the shoe section of the Loehmann’s in Chelsea. At least we have Instagram…]

[The pursuit for shoes ends happily at Woodbury Commons]

Here’s to a views-y, booze-y, shoes-ey week!

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