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BBQ Season

You’ve gotta love BBQ season (Editor’s Note: this was written before the torrential downpour outside caused me to get into a physical altercation with a 300 lb man in order to take a cab 6 blocks to work this morning). Which sick sick karmic God decided that the time of year that requires the tightest/least apparel coincides with the time of year that meats, beers, and other delicacies are consumed in copious qualities, every weekend? Plan better next time, universe.

I was a vegetarian for my last two years of college and my first year out of it, and in an effort to apologize to my taste buds, I have spent every BBQ season since then over-indulging in grilled, fried, pulled, sauteed, and otherwise prepared animal products.  While I’m all for consumption for a healthy and world-conscious lifestyle (On weekdays, I am a pescatarian, and when I eat meat, I try to look for organic, local, and grass-fed products)–I certainly let myself run wild in the first few weeks of summer, when every sunny day is an excuse to break out the grill and the sangria pitcher.

Case in point: I attended four BBQ events in the past seven days. As they say, too much of a good thing is…wonderful.

[Ribs, brisket, and chocolate-chip bread pudding at the Finger On The Pulse BBQ Blowout at Good Company]

[Essential BBQ Accessories: Denim jacket, empire waist, large plate]

[Brooklyn’s Great Googa Mooga. General Admission= a huge clusterfug. VIP = mad free and booze for all. Sorry, N-VIPs]

[Thai sausage hot dogs from DBGB at Googa Mooga]

[Massive paella from Tertulia at Googa Mooga. I wish I could stand next to this paella to demonstrate to you the size and scale. Since I am not, suffice it to say I could have sat in this vat of paella and took a paella-bath. Not very cleansing, perhaps, but would have definitely tasted better than getting suds in your mouth]

[All Googa-ed out]

[Welcoming the little sister home from a semester abroad in Copenhagen (three years ago I was coming back from the same trip! Feels like yesterday) with what else…a backyard BBQ. Isn’t she the cutest?]

[Final BBQ essential: a good pair of flats. Above: Forever 21 Mint Pants, Tibi bow loafers]

 With a full week’s forecast of rain, this next seven-day period doesn’t promise to be nearly as exciting…

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