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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, leaving us with a four day work week (a complete game-changer, if you ask me. 4 days of work + 3 days of napping/eating vs. 5 days of work vs. 2 days of napping/eating do not even compare) and the beginnings of a long, hot summer.

This weekend, I spent a few days in LBI with some of my best friends and a lovely afternoon boating in Connecticut and grilling in Westchester with my boyfriend’s family, both of which resulted in me being several shades redder and several pounds happier.

New York has seemingly gotten the memo–Hey! It’s summer! Let’s jump up to 80 degree + temperatures and make it impossible to ride the subway without resembling one who has just left a Bikram class! Whatever, as long as I can wear my new strappy sandals and denim cut-offs all day err’ day.

Weekend Highlights:

[Amurrica (shot on the Brooklyn Bridge)]

[Friends & Sunburns]

[Clam Bake. Photo Cred: EMM]

[I’m on a boat, betch, Part I: A little bit nautical]

[I’m on a boat, betch, part II: The New Beginnings]

[Pasta salad + potato salad + salad salad + some gooood skewers=the makings of an excellent BBQ]

[Not so patiently waiting for the train back to Grand Central]

Happy Summer!

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