Sew Fetch

Weekend Recap

The one nice thing about being so busy I can’t recap my weekend until Wednesday is that by the time I get around to doing so, it’s almost the weekend again. Silver lining on the so-effing-stressed cloud that has been the past two days.


[The ALS Benefit at Citi Field. Baseball’s fine, but open bar and Shake Shack are better. Thanks, J!]

[Pre Mets no-hitter. As obvious as something called a “no-hitter” is, I may or may not have required explanation as to what a no-hitter entails. #Sports]

[Duck Confit Mofongo at The Toucan And The Lion]

[Enjoying ducks, eggs, toucans, and lions with my L]

[Bloody Mary & Bellini BFF’s at Hundred Acres–great brunch service, amazing ¬†bartenders, gorgeous back garden. Highly recommended]

[Words of Wisdom at Mister H]

[Brisket Meatballs at Kutsher’s Tribeca–excellent comfort food for an early Sunday dinner]

This week I will continue being so frenzied I actually eat meals without photographing them, and this weekend I am off to a camp-for-adults experience at my friend’s family’s in North New York–think kegs, color wars, and summer camp, but without curfew. If I come back alive, there will be pictures.

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