Sew Fetch

Into The Wild

Being the Nice Jewish Girl that I am, I obviously have had my fair share of camp summers, however, no amount of Color War, friendship bracelets, and being boyfriend and girlfriend with Danny Schwartz from Bunk B could surpass the camp experience I had this past weekend.

Along with 300 or so of my best friends and complete strangers, I went off into the wild (with hair straightener in tow, obviously) to spend the weekend at a friend’s property in Port Jervis, which had been converted into an all-inclusive camp for adults experience. Think Club Med meets Senor Frogs meets Camp Timber Lake meets that club in Acapulco where you met the Devil.

Whatever, so “nature” and I got along for a few days. (When nature brings her friend vodka, the wilderness is all good and fine by me).





[Blobbing (Photo Cred ALP)]


[Fire Pits]

[Pretty Drives. This is a bad angle for my feet, which look like they belong to an obese middle aged woman, but a good angle for the sky, so I’ll be selfless]


  1. Charlotte

    Hi Nikki – would you mind emailing me some of the other pics that you took of the girls and I? Thanks and love this post!

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