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Fetch Friday: Summer Adventures Edition

The lovely thing about summer is it has me willing to cross bridges and tunnels, go where no subway has gone before, and generally expand my realm of fun-having outside of our tiny tiny island. Where traversing the Brooklyn Bridge, or actually hopping in a (gasp!) vehicle might seem like punishment fit for only the most unforgivable of crimes in the winter, in warm weather exploring is all I want to do. From Brooklyn to Easthampton, some of my favorite mini-trips of the summer, thus far:



[Manhattan, from Brooklyn]

One of my favorite adventures to take out of towners on is a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, ending in DUMBO. Not only do you get great view of the city, but you’re rewarded with some of the 5 boroughs best pizza–Grimaldi’s–on the other side. DUMBO’s Gran Electrica is a great option when the line at Grimaldi’s is too long for your inpatient appetite.

[A carbalicious reward at Grimaldi’s]

II. Williamsburg

[Best friends at Crown Victoria biergarten]

Williamsburg is quickly becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. With incredible food, a constant array of outdoor festivals, the best music scene in the boroughs and skyline views, why not ride the 6 one extra stop (seriously, people. It’s just one. extra. stop). My favorite day to explore Williamsburg is Saturday, when Smorgasburg (a massive food and drink set-up on the waterfront) and the Brooklyn Flea (I’ve gotten much home decor and funky bling there) are in town. After shopping and eating, I love to post up in one of the great beer gardens–the traditional Radegast or the totally out there Crown Victoria (it used to be an old police car repair shop!) are two favorites and stay til dinner time, when I meander over to one of the ‘hoods amazing restaurants. Allswell, DOC Wine Bar, Ella Cafe, Isa, and The Meatball Shop are some quality picks, although there are hundreds of places to choose from. After a day of fun and food, it’s only a $10 cab ride back to the city.

[Lobster Rolls at Smorgasburg]

III. The Hudson River Bike Path

[Bike Selection]

The Hudson River bike path is in Manhattan, but it doesn’t feel like it. We like to rent bikes at Hudson Urban Bicycles for $7 an hour (although I just bought one of my very own and can’t wait to make this mini-trip a more regular habit!), and bike down to Tribeca, loop around the Southern tip of Manhattan, and return up all the way to Central Park, where we obviously hit up a food truck or pack a picnic for lunch. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, and you get a workout (and potentially, a sports bra tan. Ladies, beware).

IV. Out East


A dozen or so of my friends from college have a share out in Amagansett this summer, so we have been spending our latest weekends lounging by the pool, partying on the beach, barbecuing and going out to Hamptons bars. It’s a 2.5 hour drive (and the Jitney’s a great place to meet a husband) and it’s always blown my mind that a place like the Hamptons can can exist a mere 100 miles from New York. My days out here are spent bike riding, drinking enough rosé to put down a small family, lounging and pretending I’m still in college. It’s awesome. For those without a share (suckassssssss), there are a ton of adorable bed and breakfasts out in Montauk.

[Fishing in Montauk Harbor. We then had these cooked and prepared for dinner by a small Asian family. They were beyond delicious]

Other favorite destinations include: Westchester (where the boyfriend’s family lives), the Jersey Shore (contrary to Snooki-lar belief, there are some towns on the shore that are quaint and totally classy), and Connecticut, where we go boating. While we drive out to the Hamptons, my favorite part about all these mini-trips is that they’re easily accessible by public transportation–whether it be the Subway, Metro North, Jersey Transit, or Long Island Rail Road.

Happy weekend–and happy summering!

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