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Lower East Side



One of my favorite things about New York is how drastically different every neighborhood is. Sometimes, crossing a single street takes you to a whole new nook of cultures, interests, foods and sounds (sometimes, this is a pleasant surprise. Other times, it leads you to be lost on Avenue D looking for that really cute brunch place and instead finding bullet casings).

I spent the past weekend bopping around the Lower East Side, one of my most beloved ‘hoods in the city. I love a recently gentrified area—juice bars next to “Checks Cashed” storefronts, gorgeous glass and marble hotel rooftop bars sharing a wall with old tenement houses. If nothing else, they make for the best kind of Sunday Fundays.



[Graffiti and strange girl with a Bloody Mary in a sippy cup. Oh wait. That’s me. Sup]


[Grilled polenta/poached eggs/ prosciutto di parma/shaved parmigiano/ fennel and aged balsamic at Supper]


[Thompson Hotel rooftop pool. Just me and Andy Warhol]

[I get by with a little help from my friends…]


[Tri-sausage platter at DBGB: Thai, Toscane, and Vermont]


[What’s not to <3?]


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