Sew Fetch

The Middle Things

Living in New York, it’s easy to get caught up in the Big Things (Why do I pay more in rent than the average American family for a 700 square foot apartment? How am I ever going to actually grow up in this city? Where the heck are all the baby pigeons?)

…and the Little Things (Is the dry cleaning place really going to close at 6:59 on the one day I needdd to pick up my best work blazer? Sir, I asked for dressing on the SIDE, please. GIRLFRIEND, do you REALLY think you need that cab more than me?), that you forget about the best part: the Middle Things.

Friends, family, food, laughter…and everything coming together for one miraculous second before the great city inevitably tears it apart.

[Celebrating my birthday (with brunch at Essex) with my very favorites]

[Cuddle hour with my little sister in the ‘burbs]

[A few of my favorite things on a bookshelf in my (soon-to-be old!) apartment]

[Views of the Empire State Building (might address the exorbitant rent question)]

[Meats and cheeses (at Public for my birthday dinner)]

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