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Friendship. Duh.

I have been away from this little blog for a few weeks now, due mostly to travel plans, work commitments, and what one might call “personal problems”, but I am back full force for Fall and would just like to take this little post to talk about the one thing nearest and dearest to my heart (followed, very closely of course, by brie)…friendship.

I have always been a firm believer that friends are the family you choose; and the past month of my life has proved that true over and over again. I may be freakishly close with my friends–we have keys to each other’s apartments, my doormen know what’s going on in their personal lives, not an hour passes that we don’t engage in our five to fifteen person group chat, I have more email chains in my Inbox consisting of memes and plans that we share than I do of anything else (except for, perhaps, shitty coupons from LivingSocial offering me 66% off foot fungus removal. Thanks, Internet), and best of all, I have learned, from experience, that they (like I), will drop anything and show up at my front door within 30 minutes if ever I need them–but I couldn’t imagine ever having it any other way.

People talk about soulmates, and I’m lucky enough to have several handfuls brimming with them. So, at the risk of sounding like a huge sap on the World Wide Webskis…I love you guys.

(There will be more on shoes and cheese next time, I promise).

[Best friends in Atlantic City for my birthday]

[Just a pal spoon-feeding another pal some prosciutto (Wolfgang Puck American Grille)]

[Wine glasses, like all things, look better in pairs–I wonder if they had Pinot Grigio on The Ark (Gallow Green @ The McKittrick Hotel)]

[Casual conga line (Revel Resorts)]

[Handmade birthday cake]

[Impromptu summer celebrations]

[Truffle fries. Like friends, sort of, in that I couldn’t love them more and I’m not willing to share. And also, in that I prefer them smothered with Parmesan (The Water Club)]

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