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Fall Footwear

While I’m not sick of summer quite yet, I’m seriously looking forward to dressing for fall. I’ve been dying to layer, I miss my goes-with-everything leather jacket, and most of all–my feet are totally bored with sandals and open toes.

To prepare for fall one necessary item at a time, I’ve decided to play the ultimate game of “If The Internet Were My Closet” with my absolute favorite thing to shop for–shoes.

Fall footwear is the best. It’s practical, as it has to protect your feet from some sort of inclement weather, but still totally versatile and fun. Best of all, anything goes–from super summery platforms with black tights, to ultra-wintry suede booties with bare legs. Currently, I’m lusting for all sorts of booties.

**See my fancy new collage skills? Thanks, Polyvore!

[1. Topshop, 2. Chloe, 3. Rag & Bone (I have these in black from last season, but they are so versatile I”m seriously wanting the brown pair), 4. See By Chloe, 5. Topshop, 6. Valentino (How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…), 7. Modern Vintage ]

Editor’s Note: Can we talk about Topshop? How I love you, Topshop. If only your New York location wasn’t full of women aspiring to date Justin Bieber (not that I don’t aspire to date Justin Bieber, but the only chicks in their mid-teens I really feel like hanging out with on a regular basis are the Fierce Five), and your online shipping didn’t take three weeks to arrive. Honestly, who can wait for an article of clothing for three weeks? By that point, I’ll usually have forgotten I ordered it, purchased another version, or totally changed my mind. But all that aside. Topshop, I am loving you these days.

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