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Movin’ Out

I’m moving this weekend! I have actually moved 7 times over the past 7 years (each year of college, and each year thereafter), and I believe I finally have the art down to a precise, two-step science: 1) Hire professionals, and 2) Throw out all your shit.

While I’d love to say I’ve made significant headway on the actual moving process, I’ve instead been focusing on menu-stalking the best places to eat next to my new East Village digs, trying to figure out how to fit all my belongings into a closet one third the size of my current one, and endlessly poring over Pinterest home decor to decide how to furnish our new pad. Having lived with a male for the past 10 months (ladies: live with a male. It’s so freaking easy), I’ve had to keep the feminine touches to a minimum, so I’m excited to bust out the girly pieces I’ve been hiding in my parents’ garage.

Until then, I know of a few projects I’d like to get started on for the new crib (has anyone else been really into Arts & Crafts lately? I think it’s a back-to-school thing).


I. Gallery Wall

[Striped wallpaper and frames in different shades]

[A girlier take. I would love a bright gallery wall like this in our living room]

II. Animal Throw Rug

[Animal rug to go with my authentic-shot-and-mounted-by-my-Siberian-grandfather-antlers (sorry, PETA. And I freakin’ love fur]

[A more subdued take on the animal rug trend]

III. Kitchen Chalkboard 

[Perfect for menu-planning, or if you use your oven for shoe storage a la Carrie Bradshaw/myself, listing out restaurants you’d like to try]

[Take two. I love everything about this industrial-looking space. If only I cooked…]

For the first time, I can actually imagine staying in my apartment for more than a year, and I couldn’t be more excited to make my crappy little 700 square foot house a home.

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