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Our new apartment is slowly but surely-ish starting to resemble a home! That is, I spent a considerable number of hours this past weekend listening to  techno music and furiously arranging my pretty-and-useless-flea-market-crap/color-coding my Equipment button downs.

So, although our couch has yet to arrive and we have been living without internet and cable for 9 days now (things one can accomplish when living for 9 days without internet and cable: finishing two books, actually reading the NY Times Sunday Section cover to cover, long telephone conversations with ones mom, unpacking of all of ones and ones roommates worldly-ish belongings, and going out every night because…what else is there to do?), my closet and every shelf/wall/surface in our apartment look excellent.

More importantly, we have been exploring the neighborhood that has very rapidly become my favorite in New York. I have discovered slash become a regular at: a cash-only-amazing-coffee-shop that already knows my order, a consignment shop that also already knows my order, a BYOB sushi place, a 24 hour restaurant with food that actually tastes good, a bar that I want to frequent with my girlfriends, a bar that I want to frequent with my boyfriends, a bar where I want to meet my boyfriends (as if I’d tell), a bar where boyfriends meet their boyfriends, and then some.


[The view from our roof]

[Decor shopping]

[Decor shopping Swedish meatball detour]

[A new subway stop]

[Matzoh Ball soup & a good book]

[Things coming together]

[Street scenes]

[Fun mottos]

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