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Chasing Waterfalls

Or waterfountains, whatever. Today’s outfit post taught me three important lessons:

One: I need to work on my modeling. My go-to pose for solo shots is a hammy smile and double thumbs up (imagine a fanny-packed Asian tourist in Times Square). I had to somber up significantly for these shots, which I did so by thinking about Kim Kardashian plucking Baby North’s eyebrows, the strides I personally have made towards world peace, and the fact that fashion bloggers don’t smile, duh. I think I’ll be requiring some props.

Two: Aforementioned water fountains, while adding significant charm to my East Village backyard, photograph like rat-infested, dirty pools of bathwater. Thus, scouting for a shooting location will continue to be a work in progress.

Three: This blazer, you guys. Unlike the water fountains, this blazer photographs fantastically. I picked it up on a whim random shop in Santa Monica last year for right around $50 and it has become a favorite structured staple. One of my happiest shopping accidents to date, I’d say (this means a lot from a girl who has as many shopping “accidents” as I).

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  1. Lori

    Okay you need to start dressing me. I will come to NYC and you will do some sort of makeover thing and we can pretend we are nerdy 14-year-olds again, mmmk?

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