Sew Fetch


Well, that was a bit of a hiatus. Sew Fetch is back in 2014, featuring: my brand new fancy camera; very short, very blonde hair; tons of new fashion content, pictures of carb-y goodness (sporadically cooked inside my kitchen without activating the building fire alarm); posts on life in New York; and many, many selfies.

The below photos were taken by my cousin in a playground we stumbled into after a delicious brunch at Ellary’s Greens in the West Village. The other three people at the playground (two adult humans and their child, who actually belonged there) shot us some quizzical looks, quickly assumed we’d had sad, limited childhoods and couldn’t be trusted around their toddlers, and promptly evacuated the premises. Great news for both my photos and my upper arm strength, as I was left with full jurisdiction over the monkey bars (can we take a moment to quickly ask why little kids don’t have more sculpted triceps and shoulders? Because, damn, monkey bars are hard).

Anyway, consider this a rebirth. And what other way to be reborn than to frolic across slides and swings and wonderful things, in all my favorite winter layers. Outfit credits after the last photo–see you soon, kiddos.






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