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Not so long ago, I considered Sundays the worst day of the week. My friends and I solemnly referred to “the Sunday scaries,” and even dubbed particularly miserable (read: hungover) instances of the seventh day “Suicide Sundays”. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve either gotten considerably more optimistic, or, considerably less likely to be terrifyingly under the weather following a weekend of inebriated escapades (judging by my recent tendencies to start conversations with strangers in elevators and opt for nights of Netflix and wine over fistpumps and bottles, an embarrassing “both” might be in order).

Either way, Sundays have somehow morphed from my most dreaded day of the week, to my very favorite. Nothing is expected of you on a Sunday. If you want to stay in bed and binge-watch House Of Cards, eating Seamless for all three meals while silently sobbing that your cheekbones and handbag collection will never rival Claire Underwood’s, you can. If you want to turn your cell phone on silent and enjoy a day with yourself and your favorite date (the city), feel free. For me, however, Sundays have become a day of relaxation and indulgence with loved ones. I typically start my day with homemade breakfast (Mr. Fetch makes some fantastic scrambled eggs and avocado toast), and the Sunday New York Times. We get the NYT Weekender delivered, and although we could just as easily pick it up from the downstairs bodega, it feels like a small luxury and has become a regular ritual. Afterwards, depending on the aforementioned level of hangover, I opt for either a yoga class or the previous night’s Saturday Night Live on DVR. Then comes time for second breakfast, and I’ll meet up with my girlfriends for copious amounts of carbs, Bloody Marys, and good old shit-talking (old standys include WestvilleCiao For Now, Hundred Acres, and Joseph Leonard, recent favorites have been Hudson Clearwater, Lafayette and Margaux). Weather pending, we’ll spend the hours after brunch either walking/shopping it off, or retreating to the comfort of one of our couches or the theater for a movie. The day ends with cooking or picking up dinner with my boyfriend, and cozying up for our Sunday TV while checking email and otherwise preparing for the week ahead.

This past weekend’s especially pleasant weather allowed for the perfect iteration of a Sunday, featuring a leisurely brunch (here), two movies (this and this), and a few hours frolicking on my roof soaking up the sun.

Frolicking credits after the jump.

03 12 Skirt 03.12_Skiet3 03.12_Skirt2 03.12_Skirt4

  • Sunglasses: Ray Ban (last seen here, buy em here)
  • Blouse: Elizabeth & James (buy it here)
  • Necklace: East Village Flea Market
  • Skirt: Limelight Marketplace (buy similar here in black, or here in white)
  • Leather Jacket: All Saints (last seen here, buy similar here)
  • Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (can’t find online in tan but check it out in leopard here, or buy similar from this season’s collection here)
  • Shoes: Forever 21 (buy em here)

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