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Fairy Pants

I spotted these pants in a Nolita boutique after lunch with friends at Cafe Gitane last summer, and despite it being a cool 95 degrees outside, I promptly squeezed them onto my sweaty legs and declared that I loved them so much I planned to wear them to the office the next day. To which my very sane friends kindly cautioned: “those look like fairy pants” (fairy pants was actually by far the nicest term they attributed to my poor, bullied, trousers; I believe we started with “crazy clown pants,” and worked our way down to PG territory from there).

As it turned out, I didn’t end up wearing the Fairy Pants to work the next day, or for quite a few days at all, until I whipped them out for New Years Eve 5 months later. I’d almost relegated them to the back of my closet, to surface again for this year’s holiday season, when I spotted this look on Pinterest. Pinterest is a forum I’ve only recently begun playing with, because despite being an excellent place to craft inspiration boards for your wardrobe, home, and kitchen, it’s an even more excellent place to:

a) feel like a drug addict in a massive, technicolor, crack palace, where crack can become yours at the click of a red and white button that looks deceptively like a bulls-eye, or:
b) realize how insufficient my attempts at dressing, cooking, crafting and decorating are in the massive plethora that is the internet/world of considerably more organized and talented women.

Since I’ve started blogging, however, I’ve attempted to use Pinterest more heavily, and have not yet spiraled into an online shopping hole or deep, dark, depression I can’t pull myself out of. It’s actually proved quite useful in cases such as this one, in which I realize I can make Fairy Pants happen–if I take them down a notch with a casual sweatshirt. I added an extra layer of chill on top with this textured snood, and left it alllll party on the bottom.

One point, Internet. Two points, Fairy Pants. Outfit credits after the jump.

02.26 Fairy302.26 Fairy

02.26 Fairy4 02.26 Fairy2

  • Fairy Pants: Stylestalker (buy em here, or similar in black here)
  • Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples 20th Anniversary Edition (not available online, buy similar here)
  • Sweatshirt: All Saints (exact here but sold out online, buy similar here)
  • Snood: Street Vendor (with the exception of the cashmere Rag & Bone beanie I stole from my boyfriend, suffice it to say the majority of my scarves/hats/other lose-able outerwear was purchased from a street vendor)
  • Leather Jacket: All Saints (last seen here, buy similar here)
  • Purse: Vintage Chanel (last seen here, purchased at Eleven Consignment Boutique–a pre-owned luxury purse mecca)
  • Booties: Vince Camuto (last seen here, buy similar here)

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