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Fetch Friday: February 24, 2012

Happy Friday! It’s been a short week with the President’s Day holiday (thank the lord for important people dying–what would we do without sporadic days off in the dreariest month of the year?), but with all my adventures as of late I am seriously looking forward to spending a weekend in the city. Activities will include: napping, signing up for classes at my yoga studio and going to brunch instead, catching up with friends and hosting a little Oscars party Sunday night. Fetch Friday has been on hiatus for a while but I’m glad to share five things making me happy this week:


[Macaroni & Cheese Cups I plan to make for my Oscars party. Mine will probably resemble balls of  moist cheesy Play-Doh rather than these little morsels of perfection. It should be funny. Recipe & photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere]


[Fun new accessories that have me craving spring. Can you believe these are from Forever 21? I can, because if you can tolerate hoardes of teenagers in belly shirts reading their BBM groups out loud to one another, Forever 21 is actually da bomb]

[Words of Wisdom at Kate Spade. Apparently I am behind on the times, because Kate Spade is adorable these days! The last time I had shopped there before this past weekend was Junior High, when I obviously had one of those black unusually square bags that all the cool kids had in Junior High. A genius move on Kate Spade’s part, covering cardboard boxes in black vinyl, slapping a label on them, and selling them to 13 year old girls nationwide for $300 a pop. I forgive them, I guess, because now they make (and I own!) these]

[Crabmeat Grautin at the adorable Txikito. Small hand of the adorable E, who insisted she could “be a hand model” and helped supplement my food photography with her tiny digits. I like it]

[Valentine’s Day Flowers still going strong earlier this week. All together now, awuuuuuhhhhh]

I hope you all enjoy the freakishly warm weekend! Global warming is the best. Except for when ice caps melt and Polar Bears die and the island of Manhattan is engulfed in freak tidal wave. Until then, when I can wear open toe wedges and go tight-less in February, global warming is awesome.


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