Sew Fetch


This past weekend brough 70 degree weather and the glorious return of the city’s many outdoor markets and activities. On Saturday, I ventured over the river and through the woods L train connection at Union Square to bop around Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg with two of my favorite people. If you haven’t been to Smorgasburg, I would like to think of it as a Coachella for the mouth (take that friends Instagramming photos of yourselves in neon crop tops dancing with holograms of Tupac all weekend).

Every Saturday, a collection of New York’s best food vendors gather at the Williamsburg riverfront to feed the souls and bellies of hungry hipsters and Manhattanites willing to endure multiple subway connections for lobsta rolls in the sun. The only thing that could make Smorgasburg more enjoyable would perhaps be a liquor licence (which they are rumored to be getting this summer), but fortunately, one doesn’t need a liquor licence when pouring vodka into a water bottle.

When: Every Saturday From 11-6

Where: The Williamsburg Waterfront (L To Bedford Ave)

[Luke’s Lobster, I want to consume you every day for the rest of my life]

[Caught mid-bite]

[Casual snack at Radegast Biergarten: Beer the size of my face and pretzel the size of my torso. Summer diet is going exceedingly well]

[Pretty things at the Artists & Fleas at Brooklyn Flea. Would love a hand similar to the one on the right to hold my rings and bracelets]

[Things I never knew I needed but suddenly can’t live without, Flea Market Edition: a purse that is also a PHONE. Cherry red is hot this summer, right?]

[“If you are Ryan Gosling, come in, we’ve got something for you. If you are not Ryan Gosling, come in anyway–our coffee is freaking amazing.” I mean, I’m sold]

[Surrounded by aforementioned two favorite people. Notice the his and hers sized brewkis]

Here’s something I never thought I’d say: See you next Saturday…in Brooklyn.

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