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As the Polar Vortex continues freezing appendages nationwide, I continue denying its’ existence while prancing around in less-than-appropriate winter-wear, and my doorman continues looking on from behind the safety of his windowpane and wondering what in the world that crazy blonde couple is doing out there. Speaking of my doorman, he has dubbed my boyfriend/photographer and I the “GQ Couple,” which is not only the nicest thing a doorman has ever done for me (a pretty serious claim, considering that previous doormen have served as movers, therapists, personal trainers, breakup intermediaries, and wingmen), but also the best compliment I have been paid this year and potentially ever. Thank you, Bob.

Despite the seemingly flimsy nature of the below getup, I am actually wearing quite a few of my cold-weather staples. My first layer: a long sleeved body-con tee (I love these from Uniqlo, their more ample length makes for an easy tuck, and when they get sweaty and worn I can quickly replace them). My last layer: this incredible cocoon coat by Max Mara (I couldn’t find the exact style online but scroll down for details on where to purchase a similar version). This coat is one of my favorite things I own: its’ boxy, swingy style makes it as comfortable as a worn-in sweatshirt, while its’ mohair and alpaca exterior shields from the strongest of winds. I bought at Second Time Around in Georgetown during my last week living in D.C. before I moved to New York, which goes to show: when unemployed with no plans for your future, definitely invest in garments you have no business buying, because life will work out and you will love them.** Finally, my foot layer: wedge sneakers are the best rain/snowboot alternative I’ve ever met, and they neither make a frustrating squelching sound or make me feel like a second-grader. Ta-da!

**Don’t let me tell your children bedtime stories. I suck at figuring out the moral.

Outfit credits after the jump.


01.24_Wedge01.24_Wedge3 01.24_Wedge4 01.24_Wedge6

  • Sunglasses: Prada (buy em)
  • Snood: Random, via Amazon (buy similar here)
  • Plaid Buttondown: Forever 21 (buy it here. It is very warm, and $20)
  • Blazer: Babaton, via Aritiza (all sold out in burgundy but buy it here in navy or forest green)
  • Coat: Max Mara (old, but buy similar here or the striped version here. Shop more cocoon coats here)
  • Jeans: Forever 21 (buy similar here. I told you I had an affinity for Forever 21 denim. I mean, these pants are $7.80. EIGHT DOLLARS YOU GUYS. Here is a list of other things I can buy for eight dollars: a salad with 3 non-premium toppings on it, a sandwich but only from the bodega/Subway, two cups of artisan coffee or four cups of deli coffee, a cab ride to the Lower East Side if there is absolutely no traffic, a magazine and a bottle of Smartwater before tax…shall I go on?)
  • Purse: Balenciaga (shop similar here)
  • Kicks: Ash (last season’s, but buy this fall’s version here)


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