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Things learned blogging, part 2 (see part 1, in which I experiment with poses that don’t scream Tourist-In-Times-Square): being a fashion blogger is easier in the summertime. Or in California. As winter progresses, prepare for quite a few outfit posts eschewing style for comfort and featuring highly excessive layering, but browse assured: this site is for the people, by the people.

One of my goals when starting Sew Fetch was to create a forum showcasing what a real twenty-something human constantly being forced to choose between rent and shoes (guess which I picked!) wears on her real life adventures: from validating taking an Uber instead of walking to the subway again, to debating whether charcuterie is a formal food group, to keeping wine in her office coffee mug, and so on (I use the word “adventures” somewhat lightly). So many fashion blogs either feature impossibly well-coiffed demi-goddesses in January crop-tops and the not-yet-released-Isabel Marant booties, or else Midwesterners who insist that by crafting that season’s looks from an exclusive mix of Target and Old Navy, they are “just like us!”

This blog will do neither. I shop at Barney’s, and Forever 21, and Gilt Groupe, and many, many consignment and vintage stores (post on my favorites, coming soon). And when New York is experiencing a wind chill of 12 degrees, damn right, I throw on a sweater that resembles a baby sheep en route to its’ first shearing, bundle up in not one but two scarves, and grimace a little in my outfit shots, because my fingers and my nose, like my pants and my purse, are quickly turning a bright hue of crimson.

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